Scotland 6: Day 42

04.09.18 | Edinburgh Flat | 13:29

So far, today has been excellent! I found the coolest little cafe for a snack. I wish I’d discovered this place years ago, I’ve probably walked past it at least a hundred times. I got a fruit tart thingy and some hot chocolate. It still amazing me that people take the time to make the little design on top of the hot drinks. I almost hate to drink it, because I don’t want to destroy their artwork.

I went back to see the street performer do his act again. I recorded the entire thing on Periscope, and so it’s about a 45 minute video. I’m not going to upload the entire thing here, but you can definitely check it out. The guy was pretty funny, but you could tell that he’d practiced the same jokes over and over again. Something about his delivery was off. Still, he’s a great performer! To see my Periscope feed (and follow me!) go to I’m going to start doing more live videos over there.

So, I’m not much into buying souvenirs, I’ve always looked at the pictures I take as my souvenirs, so I haven’t had to spend very much money on these trips. I decided a few years back that I love skulls. It’s not to the point of obsession or anything like that, but I just think they’re cool. At home, I’ve got a few ceramic skulls from Mexico, and I decided that I would build that collection. Today I bought a new one. To be honest, I wish it was legal to own a human skull.


Tonight I had dinner at The Witchery. This is my absolute favorite restaurant in Edinburgh. It’s overpriced, with small portions, but it’s all about the ambience! I don’t often eat at fancy restaurants, but it’s fun to get dressed up and go out. This would be the ultimate restaurant to take a date… I’ll have to do that some day.

First Course: Grilled Isle of Mull Scallop, Cauliflower Purée, Curry Sauce, Apple and Coriander
Second Course: Jambonette of Perthshire Guinea Fowl ‘en croute’, sweet corn, basil, potato purée
Third Course: Pear William tarts tatin, star anise, milk ice cream

It is with great sadness that the Edinburgh part of this journey is ending tomorrow morning. Tonight I’m packing up all my stuff, and getting everything ready so in the morning, all I’ll have to do is shower, grab my stuff, and head to the airport.

Even though I’m not quite ready to come home yet, It’s time to go somewhere that I haven’t been in 11 years…

Scotland 6: Day 41

04.08.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:28

I don’t have a whole lot to report today. Was a slow Sunday- I walked a lot, but didn’t really go anywhere in particular. I’ve been listening to General Conference, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Dinner was at this little Italian restaurant that is actually right underneath my flat. It was probably the most amazing one I’ve ever eaten at in my life. Will definitely be back in the future!

Scotland 6: Day 40

04.07.18 | Edinburgh Flat | 11:05

As per usual, today was a very rainy day. My hopes of headed back up Arthur’s Seat were soon washed away. I decided to declare today a laundry day. I spent most of the morning and afternoon reading or watching movies because the laundromat that I used to use, that was located close by, is now out of business. The next closest one I could find was a good 20-minute walk.


My legs were killing me, thanks to my hike up Arthur’s Seat yesterday. I was hurting so bad, but I managed to get a massage today, and I’m surprised they were able to get me in at the last moment, especially on the weekend.


Tonight I went to dinner at The Doric, which is the oldest Gastro-pub in Edinburgh, built in the 1700’s, according to the back of the menu. So- today I made history by simply eating there.

Scotland 6: Day 39

04.06.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:20

This morning, I was finally able to hike up to Arthur’s Seat again. I wanted to do it at the beginning of the trip, but we were in that big snowstorm, if. you recall. Even today, there was a lot of mud because of the snow storm we had two days ago. Still, it was a great climb and the views are always so breathtaking! I imagine I’ll climb it at least once more before I leave Edinburgh.

For years now, I have come across Oink, which is a restaurant that has a large, dead hog in the window. In fact, that’s really the only thing the restaurant services, they carve off this hog all day. you can get it as a sandwich if you wish. I finally got an early lunch at the place! It was quite delicious, even though I’m pretty sure that P.E.T.A. wouldn’t approve of the meal- nor the window “decor”.

Scotland 6: Day 38

04.05.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 09:10

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get much sleep last night. I’m right on High Street, and Scottish people like to drink and be out all night. They were very loud when I was trying to fall asleep, but I put in earplugs and all is well! I slept like a baby!

I woke up to completely clear skies… it feels like springtime (again)! Maybe I still needed a light jacket, but that’s really all. Speaking of jackets, I had an incident where my zipper broke on the one I brought, and so I ended up going to H&M this morning to get a new one. When I get back to the states, I’ll ask my mom if it’s worth fixing, or if I should put it in the D.I. box.

I managed to get a Periscope video while I was outside, and seeing a street performer. He was a pretty funny guy. In the background, you may be able to hear a bagpiper, and then later in the day there was a preacher on a loudspeaker who kept singing the Christmas song, Go Tell It On The Mountain, over and over again. Good times!

Scotland 6: Day 37

04.04.18 | Glasgow > Edinburgh | 10:52

After I get off of this plane in Edinburgh, it goes on and eventually goes all the way to Penzance, as in, The Pirates of Penzance! Does anyone remember any part of the “legacy” that I left behind at Eastern Arizona College? I wanna sing and dance, I wanna sing and dance, I wanna be a pirate in the Pirates of Penzance… Is this one of those full-circle moments? I think that perhaps it is.

It’s another rainy morning in Glasgow, but not as rainy as it was the last two days. It’s ok, however, because I’m on my way back to Edinburgh, and I’m sure that means it will be sunny and in the 70s. I kid- I checked the weather and it’s pretty much the same, for a couple of days, at least. Still, I’m excited about this Edinburgh round, because I’m doing the AirB&B thing. I have secured a lovely flat, that is right on High Street, up close to Edinburgh Castle. It should be lovely.

Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:24

I called it- the weather in Edinburgh is exactly the same as it was this morning in Glasgow, but colder. The snow has been coming down since I stepped off the train at Waverly Station. I’ll be hanging out in this Starbucks for the next 2 1/2 hours. I’m happy to keep on purchasing herbal teas or even hot chocolate if this is needed to extend my stay. I’m sharing a table with a young girl who is attending university in Cork, Ireland. She is, however, from Fort Worth, Texas. I showed her where my sister Melanie lives on the map and she says that’s not too far from her home. She knows the area well.

She asked me if I’d ever visited my sister, and when I told her that I had, she asked me if I hate Fort Worth- not how I feel about it, but if I hate it. I told her I had nothing against it, but I’m not that type of person who can sit still very long anyway. If I’m not traveling, there needs to at least be a plan for travel. Even a road trip somewhere works perfectly.


Ok- this apartment is the absolute best location! It’s very close to everything on the old side of the city. I wish I owned it! The first thing I did when I got here (other than using the restroom) was walked around and took some pictures! This place is truly lovely! It’s an older flat, but location, location, location!

Scotland 6: Day 36

04.03.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 21:00

Today was the return of the winter season. I kid you not! When I first went outside to find breakfast, it was a snowy/ wintry mix. Not sticking, of course, but definitely snowing! It was beautiful to look at. I walked around for a while and even visited The Apple Store. I’m not ready to make any new purchases, but it’s always nice to go inside and dream for a minute or two. Just like the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Apple store is true. Also like Jesus, Apple loves me.

After a haircut to “freshen up” (my dark burgundy hair is now a faded pink- I still love it), I swung by H&M because I have misplaced my scarf. On days like today, a scarf is necessary. It’s probably going to be rainy when I go to Edinburgh tomorrow. I next stopped by the grocery store and grabbed some snacks and decided that today I’d hang out inside. Reading and watching movies, seemed like the best option- it’s too cold outside!

Scotland 6: Day 35

04.02.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 23:39

Quick report, as I’m extremely tired tonight: What started out as a horribly windy morning and partly cloudy morning, soon turned into a very rainy day. I don’t think the sun came out one time. This is, of course, what happens in Scotland. After a walk along the river, instead of being bored, I decided to try and do some indoor activities.

After breakfast, I tried to go to two different art galleries, but both happened to be closed… I ended up going back to the cinema and seeing a matinee of A Quiet Place. Scary movie, but really good. I’ve decided I have a thing for Emily Blunt. She is extremely good at acting, and the girl sings!

Tonight I went to see a play at the SEC Armadillo called Blood Upon the Rose. It was good, but I was lost for much of the time because it was a political drama about Ireland during the First World War. It was a musical, and that’s the main reason I went. The actors had really decent voices, especially the leads. The only thing I would change- it was boring since I couldn’t really understand a lot of the dialogue.

Scotland 6: Day 34

04.01.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 11:35

When I initially tried to book a private room at this hostel, they didn’t have any available for my first night back here in Glasgow. This is how I ended up last night in a room that I had to share with three others. All three of my roommates were girls attending college in Stirling and are in town to see a concert with their friends. They told me the artist’s name, and not wanting them to know I’m not cool, I pretended to know exactly who they were talking about. Honestly, I had no clue.

The hostel did have a private room for the other days I’ll be here, however. This means that I had to be out of my room this morning by 11:00, but they will let me check into the new, private room early. I’ve decided to take the morning to listen to podcasts, since there is no church today. This gives me something to do while I’m waiting for my clothes to wash, and I can check into the new room.


This afternoon, I got a burger for late lunch- at Handmade Burger Co. This is the same place that I came for dinner two years ago and told a little white lie that I was a blogger for the Travel Channel (see post). I know I shouldn’t lie, but I wanted to make them feel bad, and that’s just what happened. Anyway, I didn’t try taking pictures this time because if they got mad again, I wouldn’t want to be forced to lie a second time.

After a delicious meal, I went to see the movie Isle of Dogs. This was probably the funniest movie I’ve been to lately! It’s more of a quirky funny- definitely not a comedy. I highly recommend seeing it! I grabbed a few snacks on the way home. Even though I’m not anywhere close to hungry yet, I did have that early dinner, and I don’t want to have to go out to eat in the middle of the night.

Scotland 6: Day 33

03.31.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 23:27

Today has been a slow day. In fact, I don’t have a whole lot to report. It was hard for me to even stay awake on the train since I hadn’t got much sleep the night before. The room in Oban was full, and two of us four were snorers. I’m glad that the snorers were able to get a good night’s sleep at least.

When I got to my hostel in Glasgow, the first thing I wanted to do, after checking in, was take a nap. I crashed hard, and I think I was out for about three hours or so. This means that it’ll probably be a struggle getting some sleep tonight. Oh well, the nap was sorely needed.

Tonight I went to see the movie, Ready Player One. Unlike the last movie I saw, I really liked this one, and will probably be adding it to my library when it finally comes out. I often log into and play around in Second Life, which is a virtual world. It’s not advanced like the virtual world depicted in the movie, but I still think it’s a blast to be able to set up the world however I wish. Maybe some psychologist would want to tell me that it’s an escape from the “real world”… I would have to disagree since I really love the real world as well. This is a whole other blog entry on a different day.

For dinner, I got reservations at an Italian restaurant called Verona. You know I eat out (more than I should) and this restaurant had the best red sauce I’ve ever tasted! I don’t know what they put in their marinara, but it was really good- I got it with some chicken dish. Amazing!