Scotland 6: Day 7

03.05.18 | Train: Edinburgh > Carlisle | 10:49

I just sat down on a train that is headed south. I will be making a transfer in Carlisle and then be heading to Dumfries. I have never been to Dumfries, so I really don’t know what to expect. When I was planning this trip, I looked at a map of all the places I could get using Scotrail, the Scottish rail service- Dumfries looked promising. I didn’t even want to google information about the town.-that would spoil the surprise. This is, after all, how I discovered Oban, and that is turning out to be one of my favorite little cities in Scotland.

Dumfries Hotel | 21:12

I had about two hours to kill before I could check in to the hotel, so I found a chippy and got my first fish & chips of the trip. So delicious- especially smothered with vinegar and salt! The restaurant was closing down for the afternoon, so I grabbed it to-go and ate it at a nearby park. It was chilly outside, but not as quite as cold as Edinburgh had been.

It amazes me the number of people here who eat chips (fries) as the entire meal. That is such a United Kingdom thing to do! Not as a side, but as the main, and often only dish. I remember doing that when I was in Elementary School- I would walk over to Roberto’s and order a plate of fries. Good times!

I finally was able to check in to my hotel. My room is extremely small, but the bed is very, very comfortable. I laid down and took a short nap. When I woke, it felt so good to just lay in bed, so I did some good ole fashioned boob-tube watching. Eventually, I found the energy to walk to town and find some dinner.

I followed directions to a restaurant that I don’t think exists any longer. Instead, I went to Italian food again. My meal was some kind of chicken with ham and some kind of red sauce over the top. Delicious!