NYC 2017: Day 4

9.16.17 | Brooklyn Waterfront | 12:42

It is 100% necessary that I have pizza while I’m here. This is not negotiable. I’m not a huge fan of pizza, but since I’m in New York I must do as the New Yorker’s do. I just tried to grab a piece from the restaurant nearby, until I found out that they don’t sell it by the slice. As glutinous as I am, I dare not eat a whole pie. So I’ll get pizza another time.

This afternoon I’m sitting near the waterfront, right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. My western skyline is the giant buildings of Manhattan. I love this city. I would hate to live here. I love this city. I just finished lunch. I settled for a burger and fries at Shake Shack. It wasn’t the pizza experience I was craving, but an experience still. Very overpriced, but this is a tourist area and this is New York City, after all.

Fulton Market, Manhattan, New York | 14:35

I just crossed over the Brooklyn Bridge- this is something I’ve always wanted to do! Not really bucket list worthy, in my opinion, but this is probably one of the most (if not THE MOST) famous bridges in the world. Seriously- every natural disaster movie has a scene where the Brooklyn Bridge falls into the water and thousands of people die. Lucky for me, there were no natural disasters (or Godzillas) while I was crossing.

After crossing the bridge, I turned left. I decided to walk around the lower east side, one of the parts of the city that I’d never explored. I stumbled upon the Fulton Market. This is a great area to explore! Now I’m sitting in probably the nicest, swankiest cinema I’ve ever been in. Waiting for American Assassin to start. Ticket cost me $20… and that was for the cheaper seat! The expensive seats are $32 and they come with a personal concierge/ server. I opted to carry my own beverage, rather than having it delivered to me by a servant.


For dinner, I found a Pret A Manger. This is a restaurant that started in France (I do believe) and has spread to many countries. I first discovered it in Scotland and am happy to learn that there are 92 of them in New York City, so far. You can go there to get fresh made sandwiches, soups, snacks and sweets. They believe in sustainable farming, getting produce locally, and all kinds of hippy crap. Their food is so good! Even though the sandwiches are premade, they have no expiration date so everything is removed and donated at the end of the day.

Tonight’s broadway was The Play That Goes Wrong. It was really funny! It’s basically a play that is supposed to be serious, but the actors keep screwing everything up. One has stage fright, another is an over-actor, etc. Also the set is very cheaply made, and so it keeps falling apart. It’s like a grand comedy of errors. Tickets were only $35! It was a great deal, even though my seat was way up in the nose-bleeds!

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