I have never understood while people like to lay out in the sun.

I don’t get it- why would you sit there like an unemployed, beached whale when the ocean is right there- and it’s so great to actually play in the sea or the pool. I know vitamin D is good for you, but you absorb just as much as if you’re moving around, doing something. Yes, I know you want a tan, but to be honest, that tan doesn’t make you look any more attractive. Once you’re old, you will have so many wrinkles- I don’t even have to mention skin cancer. I just can’t.

Speaking of slowly getting skin cancer, I just got back from a totally awesome Fort Lauderdale layover. The trip started out pretty bad- not only did we have to work a bunch of legs, but it was a P.M. trip. Both of those are horrible things, but the second night (last night), I got to hang out for 18 hours after getting in just before midnight! It was amazing!


I did swim in the ocean for a while but then ended up going to the pool. It felt incredible to be in the water- I really don’t take advantage of the hotel pools often enough. That needs to change, especially since I’ve lost a little bit of my belly fat. Also, I decided to stop caring if other people like how I look. It feels very liberal. I’m like a feminist except for the fact that I enjoy life and like other people (I’m kidding, if any of my feminist friends are reading this… I probably have feminist friends).

After drying off, I decided to walk down to a mall and get a new power charger thingy for my electronic devices. I bought a Mophie and spent way too much on it. The thing is supposed to charge my phone for 100 hours, though. I had a different, cheaper brand a while back but accidentally left it on a plane- it was never found.


I got back to Colorado late last night. This morning is all about doing laundry and getting ready for another trip that starts later on today. I was just outside, visiting the ducks, chickens, and dogs… soon, there will be bees as well. I can hardly wait! I just had Rice Crispy treats and herbal tea for breakfast.

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