I just learned that two of my coworkers are getting ready to fly to Germany!

They are going to experience Octoberfest in the land that it was meant to be celebrated. I shouldn’t be jealous since I just returned from New York City, but I am. Even though I don’t drink, I’d still love to be there. This travel bug runs deep.

Austria (1)

This reminds me of going to Paris and Germany with James and Jason years ago. It was a great trip, and I had hoped we’d get to explore Austria as well. If I remember correctly, we got as close as Heidelberg. Being a massive fan of The Sound of Music (I played Kurt VonTrapp in 1993- my one and only attempt to act), I definitely wanted to add this to my bucket list! Number 6 on said list is to go to Austria. I hope they have lederhosen rentals.

Speaking of Austria, item number 103 on my bucket list is to see the Austrian Alps with my own eyes. I can’t wait to plan and execute this trip!