Scotland 7: Day 17

03.18.19 | Oban, Scotland | 13:30

When my alarm went off at 07:00, I stood up, got ready, and left the pod. I wanted to get the first ferry back to Mull. Iona is a pretty island! I wish I had more time to explore it, not that there’s a whole lot to see and do there. But it’s sometimes a good thing to step back and just relax. This is definitely a possibility on Iona because not only was there no access to the internet, it was nearly impossible to get a cell phone signal. This is my definition of “roughing it”. 

It amazes me how hard it is to slow down. I have certainly become programmed. Especially at night- the first thing I do when I lay down on the bed: Look at my phone. This isn’t even an option for me on Iona. Maybe this is a sign that I do need to reserve those times or those days where I can just turn off my phone and relax. 

I’m back in Oban now, and I just got back from Nories, a local fish & chip restaurant. On Iona, I had only eaten peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches for the last two days. It sort of reminded me of college days, or when I first starting working as a flight attendant. PBJ and ramen noodles, just about every single day.

Tonight I went to the Oban Phoenix Cinema saw A Private War. Definitely not a typical “feel good” kind of movie! It is a true story about a woman whose life’s work was reporting in war-torn areas of the world. She had such a strong desire to be IN the action going on, many times risking her own life. It was a sad film, but defintiely worth seeing, in my opnion.