I have decided to end the blogging hiatus and start posting about my travels once again. This is only my second work trip back, and I’m hoping I can triumphantly merge from what I think is writer’s block. This probably isn’t the case, since I’m really not really a writer. I am told, as well, that writer’s block doesn’t exist and that I’m supposed to write until I feel like writing. I find this process very annoying, however.

Just last night, I found myself on an eighteen-hour overnight in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Once again, I must say that I am not a huge beach lover, but I do love the change of pace. Even if it’s only for one evening, it’s nice to get away from the chill and the wintry mix weather of Colorado and Utah.

I feel so spoiled that for many of my Fort Lauderdale overnights, I get to stay at the B Ocean resort, which is an amazing hotel that is located right on the water. After changing out of my uniform, I walked down the street to find some lunch. I came across a restaurant called Bo’s Beach. I don’t know how long ago they opened their doors, but the last time I ate at this location, it was an entirely different restaurant.

The food was delicious. I ordered the ‘Catch of the Day’ and paid just over $30. This is a bit expensive for my taste, but this is Fort Lauderdale, and since it’s a tourist trap, they like to jack the prices up sky-high. I won’t splurge for every meal but I just happened to have a craving for fish.

On the way back to the hotel, I walked barefoot along the beach. I ran into my coworker, Chrisantheium, as well as one of her friends who had come up to visit her from Atlanta. This is definitely a great job-perk. She was able to fly her friend up to meet her on her layover, just so they could sit together on the beach.

Travel Week: 3

My assignment for my two-day trip was to fly from DEN to BOI to MDW, and finally, I was to end up at CVG. I was looking forward to this since I’ve never flown into Cincinnati. Day two was supposed to work two legs back to Denver. This got me to Denver with plenty of time to kill before my 13:40 check-in.

Low and behold, my first leg to Boise had been canceled. They still had me scheduled, however, to fly the rest out of Boise. The only problem: I’m in Denver, not Boise. Sure enough, they fixed my schedule. Instead of working two two-day trips back to back, they changed it into a three-day trip.

Sunday: DEN > GRR

Other than a slight delay, we landed in Grand Rapids without any incident.

Monday: GRR > RIC > BWI > DEN

With all of the delays and reroutes happening this week, I probably had a change to my assignment at least five times. When I woke up, the plan was to go GRR > BWI > MCO > PHL. Coworkers tell me that you should never make plans because once you do, the scheduling gods know, and they end up changing your trip. It’s like a Murphy’s Law thing. I jinxed our day because I was excited to take two of my crew members to get cheesecakes in Philly.

About forty minutes into the flight, we were rerouted to Richmond, Virginia. The result was 141 upset passengers. It would have been good to be finished there for the night, but an hour-and-a-half later, we were on our way to BWI. I reminded the passenger several times that we always try our best to be on time, but safety is our biggest concern. When we finally landed in Baltimore, I walked from the ‘C’ terminal to the ‘B,’ just in time to work the last leg back to Denver- which was the latest change to my assignment.

Both of the crews that I worked with on this two-day trip were just amazing. We had so much fun laughing and joking around with each other. It almost made it worth working a late shift (not quite, but almost). I got back to the crashpad at about 02:30 and was fast asleep about fifteen minutes later.

Tuesday: DEN > FLL

Another change! When I left the crashpad, the assignment was to work two legs to San Jose, California. Instead- I was to work one leg to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This 18+ hour overnight on the beach was just what my soul needed! I was scrolling through my pictures, and then it appears that the last time I was at the beach was back in January.

I stayed at B Ocean Resort-like last time. This is located right on the water. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that the food there is so expensive! I know this is a vacation town thing, but still. Paying thirteen dollars for a waffle on Wednesday morning was a bit much. Not waffles (plural), mind you- one waffle.

After eating, I hit the beach. The hotel has a private beach area where those staying can use one of their beach chairs for free. If you want to fork out some cash, you can upgrade to one covered with a shade. I sat in the sun for about five minutes before deciding it was time to swim in the ocean.

We didn’t even have to head back to the airport until 18:30, so I had almost a full day of relaxation and enjoyment. I only headed back inside when I was starting to turn pink. I didn’t want to get sunburn like I always do.

Wednesday: FLL > BNA > DEN

Wednesday’s workday was very easy, as we only had to work the first of the two legs. The second was just a deadhead back to Denver. It was great to see my friend and coworker Linda, who happened to be working that flight.

Now that I’ve had the mental reset from some beach time, life is good again. Not that life wasn’t good before, but this particular beach visit was just such a welcomed surprise!

When I woke up this morning, Fort Lauderdale was so beautiful!

It was also extremely windy, and the water was so cold! I had planned on swimming in the Atlantic but only made it out as deep as the top of my knees.


Lunch was at a place called Coconuts, which is on the marina. Actually, I’m confused about the restaurant’s name because everyone had “be nice” on their shirt, so maybe Be Nice was the name? I’m not sure. At any rate, I enjoyed a bowl of crab pincers and then a crabcake sandwich. They were both excellent, but my sandwich was falling apart, so I pretended it was a salad and ate it with a fork.

Crab Pincers
Crabcake Sandwich
Cherry Coke

The restaurant I used to go to, also on the marina, seems to be closed down. They had the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. I just hope that they’re remodeling and not actually out of business. Thank goodness I stumbled into this new place. All-in-all, this was an excellent overnight. It’s so lovely to get a break from the cold weather of Utah and Colorado, even if just for a few hours. I can’t wait to come back (very soon, actually)!

I have never understood while people like to lay out in the sun.

I don’t get it- why would you sit there like an unemployed, beached whale when the ocean is right there- and it’s so great to actually play in the sea or the pool. I know vitamin D is good for you, but you absorb just as much as if you’re moving around, doing something. Yes, I know you want a tan, but to be honest, that tan doesn’t make you look any more attractive. Once you’re old, you will have so many wrinkles- I don’t even have to mention skin cancer. I just can’t.

Speaking of slowly getting skin cancer, I just got back from a totally awesome Fort Lauderdale layover. The trip started out pretty bad- not only did we have to work a bunch of legs, but it was a P.M. trip. Both of those are horrible things, but the second night (last night), I got to hang out for 18 hours after getting in just before midnight! It was amazing!


I did swim in the ocean for a while but then ended up going to the pool. It felt incredible to be in the water- I really don’t take advantage of the hotel pools often enough. That needs to change, especially since I’ve lost a little bit of my belly fat. Also, I decided to stop caring if other people like how I look. It feels very liberal. I’m like a feminist except for the fact that I enjoy life and like other people (I’m kidding, if any of my feminist friends are reading this… I probably have feminist friends).

After drying off, I decided to walk down to a mall and get a new power charger thingy for my electronic devices. I bought a Mophie and spent way too much on it. The thing is supposed to charge my phone for 100 hours, though. I had a different, cheaper brand a while back but accidentally left it on a plane- it was never found.


I got back to Colorado late last night. This morning is all about doing laundry and getting ready for another trip that starts later on today. I was just outside, visiting the ducks, chickens, and dogs… soon, there will be bees as well. I can hardly wait! I just had Rice Crispy treats and herbal tea for breakfast.

Last night’s sleep in Fort Lauderdale was not that best.

At 23:40, the fire alarm went off- for about 20 minutes. I went down to the front desk, and they told me that it was a false alarm and that everything was OK. After that, I really wasn’t able to fall back into a deep sleep, just a little snoozing now and then. Pretty soon, it was 03:30, and my alarm was going off.

We worked three legs, but when we landed, my body had felt as if it had worked about seventeen legs. This is partially due to my lack of sleep last night and partly because we happened to have two medical emergencies on our very first leg. I’m happy to report that both affected passengers walked off the plane when we landed- there’s nothing more I could ask for! Not fun at all, but an essential part of this job that I love.


When we checked into our hotel, I wanted nothing more than to lay down and take a long nap. The only thing that kept me from doing this was because I was long overdue for a haircut. I was starting to look like Wolverine, only without those really excellent blades that extract from my knuckles. I googled where to get a haircut, and even though I just needed something cheap, I ended up at Roosters, a Men’s Grooming Center.

I walked inside and asked the receptionist if they had an opening, and as luck would have it, they did! A girl named Serenity walked me over to her chair, and after telling her what I wanted, she gave me an adorable haircut. She asked me what I would do with my facial hair, and I told her that I would probably trim it up when I got back to my hotel. She said she would fix it up for me.


Suddenly, she leans my chair back and starts to give me the most incredible facial massage. I don’t know what lotions or oils she was putting on me, but it was nothing less than excellent. This thing lasted about 25 minutes too! If you’ve ever had a great massage when you were particularly stressed, you may have been close to tears- this is what I was feeling. I didn’t cry in front of her, but I really wanted to! This was just what I needed for my stressful day! I also kept thinking: I wonder how much this is going to cost me!

After a hot towel treatment, she shaves my sideburns off. This is done the old-fashioned way, with a straight razor and soap. It’s how I imagine this was done in barbershops log ago. I decided to keep my goatee just so I don’t feel totally naked in the face. She places a cold towel on my face to close my pores- without any warning. Woah! That woke me right up!

I found an excellent smokehouse restaurant for dinner called Epic. Get the ribs- they are phenomenal! It was the perfect finish to this roller coaster of a day! I just set my alarm for 04:00. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! I am so blessed!

When I was leaving Colorado early this morning, a late winter storm was pushing through Denver.


Not a bad view from my hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

On the news, they told us that they could experience up to 6 inches of snow. We took off a few minutes behind schedule since we had to wait in such a long line to get de-iced. That was this morning- this is now- one work leg, and now I’m sitting in a beach-side hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

After a failed attempt at a nap, I decided it was time to go find a late lunch/ early dinner. I ended up across the street at Bahia Cabana, a marine-side outdoor restaurant. A coworker introduced me to this place a few months ago, and I was happy to return and order the fish tacos, just as I had the first time.


IMG_7283When I traded into this trip yesterday, I envisioned a fun swim in the ocean. Today, however, I was faced with the reality that Fort Lauderdale is quite windy and even a little bit chili. Yes, Florida is cold today- I thought I’d never see the day. Still, I needed to get at least a walk up the shoreline. It felt like incredible therapy and a welcome departure from stormy Colorado.

IMG_7287I walked about a quarter of a mile, but since most of it was through beach sand, it felt more like a mile and a half. I could definitely feel the burn in my legs! I soon found one of my favorite treats: ice cream.

It was a nice little walk, but now I’m back at my hotel, hoping to fall asleep before too much longer. I have a feeling that my 03:30 alarm is going to sting, just a little.

I love the ocean. It is Magical!

When I stand or swim in it, that is so much proof that God loves me. I think I appreciate it more now than I ever did growing up. There were occasional trips to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, or various beaches in North Carolina, and even though I enjoyed the ocean back then, I love it so much more now.

I have never been one of those who would just sit there on the beach, like an unemployed whale (remember that line from The Simpsons?). I hate to sit in the sun and tan. Bronzed skin is pretty ugly on any Caucasian. It makes you look like you’re from New Jersey. Thankfully, my Scottish and Irish genes won’t allow me to stay out very long before it’s time to go inside. I start to burn in about 25 minutes usually.

I have enjoyed this last three-day work trip. It had a double SJU overnight, and on the second night, I had plenty of time to swim in the ocean. I have some new swimming shorts that I needed to break in. Just as I suspected, they make me look pretty darn sexy, if I do say so. That was the idea when I bought them at Fort Lauderdale beach last week. It has been a nice break from the brutally low temperatures of Utah and Colorado.


My sister Melanie tells me that I have my dad’s feet. Whatever. At least my friend Brian says I have sexy feet for a dude (except he says that the second toe on my right foot looks like I tried to pull it off).

My job has always been a great escape, especially in the cold winter months.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the cold and the snow (because I literally do), but it’s nice to be able to pop down for even one afternoon or evening and thaw out. I know plenty of friends who would happily live on a beach for the rest of their life, but I can honestly say that I’m not one of those people. I do love a good snowball fight!