Scotland 7: Day 8

03.09.19 | Euro Hostels, Glasgow, Scotland | 14:34

On my walk this morning, I saw an old woman feeding the birds. How can I not sing “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins? Yes, I sang it to myself, but life is so good when it reminds you to sing.

I wandered back to the Brunswick Hotel, where I’d first had a meal back in 2011 [see post]. When I found it, I noticed that the name of the restaurant has been changed to The Amsterdam. I ordered the burger- this was a really great burger, but it was so messy that I could only hold it for the first two bites. I then had to eat it with a fork, because I wanted to drip down my shirt. I didn’t want to look like a mess in front of my servers: Angus, who is from Australia, and Shona, who is a local girl. They were very kind and enthusiastic when I told them a little about my adventures.

Hopefully, the large burger means I won’t get hungry tonight at Country 2 Country. I’m so looking forward to tonight’s lineup, especially Keith Urban and Cam. I am so into their music. It’s time to take a shower and get ready to leave here in an hour.


Night number two was amazing! For me, the highlights were hearing Cam and Keith Urban perform live (both are on the bucket list, and I’m blessed to check them both off at the same time.) There are only two things I would change from last night- the first is that I would have Cam perform her song, “Cold In California”, and the second is that I wish she would have performed longer. When she was onstage at the end, singing “Burning House”, and everyone’s lights were lit, I got a little emotional. Chasing dreams is an emotional past time.

One of the coolest parts of the night-I got to meet up with my friends John and Gayle. They are the couple who I happened to sit next to at last year’s C2C [see post]. After the show, we walked over to a nearby hotel, and once again, John bought me an Irn Bru. I love John and Gayle! I look forward to many more meeting is the future!

^Double-chins are sexy!

Scotland 6: Day 12

03.10.18 | Glasgow, Scotland | 09:20

It is a rainy morning in Glasgow. I am crossing my fingers that it doesn’t last all day, but even if it does, nothing is going to get me down today! I am in a great city! Also, I just had a candy bar for breakfast, so things are off to a great start!


I felt like it was time to get my hair colored, so I made an appointment with a guy named Mikey. I’m not really 100% happy with the results. Maybe it’s because my hair is so short, but the color is barely noticeable. It looks more like a gray/purple hue than “steel blue,” as Mikey promised. I’m going to purposefully not wash my hair for a couple of days, and maybe that will help the color stay longer? I’m really not sure what it’s going to look like.

This past October, I purchased tickets to the Country to Country festival, just as I had done back in 2016 (see post). I had such a fun time at the concert! I got to see Eric Church and Chris Stapleton perform live- two more things I can check off the bucket list. The show was so fantastic! I decided that this year I’m going to check off another live performance… tonight is Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kelsea Ballerini, Old Dominion, and I’m not sure who else will be there. Tonight is the C2C 2018!

I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to get to go- when I purchased my tickets, I told them that I wanted the tickets mailed to my home. The tickets never showed up in my mailbox. I was so busy planning the other details of this trip that I forgot to get ahold of them before I left. Fast-forward to three days ago. I tried to call the company but couldn’t get through. Both the U.K. number and the number in the U.S.- nobody would answer the phone.

After about 40 minutes of trying, I was able to get through. I spoke with a nice girl. She said that they’d had so many more calls, mostly because bad weather had canceled or postponed a few events, and everyone was calling to either get their money back or just to get more information. She said she would move my ticket to will call, at any rate, so all is well!


The concert was amazing! Even though I was way up in the nose-bleeds, it was deafening. I guess I would have liked more of an intimate setting with an acoustic set, but I’m not in any way complaining! I already loved Kelsea Ballerini, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill, and now I love Old Dominion and Morgan Evans too (he is from Australia, has a phenomenal voice, and happens to be married to Kelsea Ballerini).

Life is all about the connections you make! I want to give a shoutout to my new friends John and Gayle! They sat next to me during the concert and they were a riot! They even bought me an Irn Bru! So sweet! We definitely need to hang out again… C2C 2019?