My alarm is set for 03:25!

Even though it has been a long day, I thought it would take a few moments to post before I fall asleep. The pressure is on since I have been posting so frequently. Today I worked three legs, and this afternoon I ended up in Warwick, Rhode Island. It’s funny that yesterday I was in the sun of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and tonight it has to be 30-something degrees here in the Northeast. I was chatting with one of my coworkers earlier, and she told me that she always has a swimsuit, sandals, a jacket, and an umbrella in her flight bag. You never know exactly where you’re going to end up, and even when you think you do, that can all change in an instant. It usually happens right after you make plans for your family over. Somehow the scheduling gods know this, so they change everything up.

Speaking of Albuquerque, one of the things on my bucket list that I failed to mention in last night’s post is bucket list item number 83: I’d like to ride on the Sandia Peak tramway! This is one of the things that our Lyft driver who took us to the restaurant told us that we simply had to do. I didn’t mention to her that this was something that was already on my list.

I leave you tonight with a picture of my dinner. I don’t want this block to become all about food, but since food is something that I am rather passionate about, I guess it works. Yet another addiction of mine- I’m surprised that I don’t weigh a lot more than I do.

Pork Osso Bucco: braised pork shank served with roasted root vegetables and mashed potatoes

This afternoon, I ended up in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What’s my favorite thing to do while in New Mexico? I’m glad you asked! Eat! Duh! One of our passengers told us that her favorite restaurant here is called Sadie’s. She told us that she’d been gone from Albuquerque for 5 days and desperately needed to “get her green chile on”. I concur! My coworker Kendall and I decided to do just that. After checking in at our hotel, and changing into normal-people clothes, we grabbed a 13-minute Lyft ride. Since a picture paints a thousand words, here is a thousand words for you:


Chile Rellenos at Sadie’s

Whenever I am in this great city, I think about the time when my parent’s gathered up some of my nieces and one of my nephews and drove them 8-hour from southern Arizona to see the famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival. When they finally arrived, they found out that the festival had been canceled, due to excessive winds. My mom tells me that they took the kids out to eat, and then turned around and drove all the way back home. Ugh!

Number 101 on my bucket list is to attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Along the same lines, number 51 on my bucket list is to ride in an untethered hot air balloon. I did get to ride in one when I was younger but unfortunately, it was tethered to the ground, so I don’t count it.


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Check your tires!

When we were getting ready for push back this morning in Nashville, one of our ramp agents noticed something “funny” with one of the tires on our plane. Even though we had already closed the doors and completed our safety demonstration, our captain decided that it would be best to have a maintenance person come and take a look.

I’m thrilled that this was his decision! After maintenance took a look, they decided that it was best to change the tire. Even though this resulted in an hour delay from our push time, it sure beats the alternative! Today I’m thankful that they noticed what could have been a significant problem or disaster by the time we landed in Los Angeles.

On our first leg, I spoke with a pastor with his wife, traveling via Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. They have a ten-year-old son who has Downs Syndrome and is on their way to pick up their newborn daughter, whom they adopted through an organization called Faithful Adoption Consultants. I understand that this group works with a bunch of different adoption agencies to help qualified couples find a baby.

This couple has decided to keep the adoption semi-open, so when their new little girl is old enough, she’ll be taught who her biological parents are and may even be able to keep up some sort of correspondence with them. I told the pastor’s wife about this blog, and she shared her own URL with me:

Celebrity sighting: Sitting on our second leg from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, I recognized Scott Wolf ( on the front row. I’m not a celebrity worshipper, but it’s still extraordinary to acknowledge them. He looked like he had a lot on his mind, and he was too bothered to stop and ask for a picture with him.

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Albuquerque. I just finished some dang delicious green chili chicken soup from the ABQ Sunport (the restaurant is called El Comida Bueno). One of my crew members commutes from here, so she went home to sleep in her own bed. I sometimes do this when I have Salt Lake City overnights if my overnight is long enough that it’s worth the drive.