Ireland 2: Day 18

04.27.18 | Dublin Hostel | 10:14

I just finished breakfast and guess who sat next to me? Creepy French guy… see yesterday’s post, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Today I tried to be more kind and understanding. I did more than the one-word answers and he, once again, mumbled while he ate, and asked me if I knew ‘the number for French’. I still don’t know the number for French. His nose was clean today.


I thought I would show you some picture of the hostel. As you may know, I love it when I stay places that are old and/or quirky. As long as the place is kept up, and this place is. As I explored, I realized that there are a bunch of areas that they don’t even use… like a hidden common room, etc. It was fun to explore a little bit.

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