DavTravels: Season 1, Episode 9

Show Notes: 07.21.21 – 04.28.21 I’m working one flight to Boston and then back to Denver the next day. Then I road trip with Jeff, Dawn, T-bug, and K-bug for Russ and Darrien’s wedding! Then it’s off to Salt Lake City for a quick trip to visit the folks’. Next, I’m back at work where I get a surprise visit from my sister Karen, my niece Annie, and my great-nieces Missie and Pepper (whom I’m meeting for the first time)! This was my first time not only on a PWM overnight, but my first time to experience the state of Maine (bucket list items #74 and #99 are one step closer to being accomplished!

Shout-out to my new friend, Kim!

Kim was a passenger on one of my flights this morning. I asked her if she was going home or on vacation- she told me that she was going on vacation to Fort Lauderdale, but that it was also like going home because she has family down there. I told her I was saving up for my own vacation- when I told her I was getting ready for Scotland, she told me that she used to live there when her husband was based there in the military.

Small world! She asked me if I knew where Thurso was, and I told her I did and that I’d actually been there a couple of times. She told me that her home was in Scrabster, one place I’d also been (this is where you can get on a ferry up to Orkney and Shetland)- it was exciting to see her light up as we talked about this place that we both love and miss. I gave her my URL as she said she wanted to follow my travels and looked forward to my upcoming Scotland posts.

This morning I woke up in Indianapolis, Indiana. While I had some time to venture out from the hotel, I only made it as far as a nearby T.G.I. Friday’s. I would have liked to head to the mall to find a scarf, but it was just too cold when I walked outside after having finished my dinner. I ended up going back to my room and watching something on television while eating a few cookies that I’d bought at the hotel front desk.


The Christmas tree at the Indianapolis airport

Tonight I’m back at the crashpad. I just got back from visiting the Festival of Lights in downtown Brighton. I went with Dawn, Tatum, and Emily- we had a fun night! One of the highlights of the night was seeing that the people of Brighton don’t live in the P.S. world that has been created. There were quite a few floats reminding us that Jesus is the reason, one even with the sign, “Keep Christ In Christmas!” It was very refreshing!

I don’t post an entry every day.

Even though I don’t post every single day, like a real, disciplined blogger, I’ve decided to start a weekly post letting you know where I’ve been traveling to. Often, one boring layover isn’t substantial enough for its own post, but I do have people ask me where I’m going and what I’m doing. Maybe a week’s worth of activity will justify a post. So here goes-

Travel Week


On Monday night, I ended my workday in Las Vegas. It’s been a few months since I’ve been to this city. I’m constantly reminded of when I lived there with my cousin Mike. We lived out in Henderson, but it was a quick drive to the Vegas strip for work.

Las Vegas is filled with good memories. At that time, I was working at The Monte Carlo as a spa attendant. My short overnight meant that there wasn’t enough time to run around town and make questionable decisions. On this particular stay, I had just enough time to get 8 hours of sleep, an hour to get ready the following day, and a few extra minutes to cross the street to the CVS and buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste.


Celebrity sighting: On my flight from LAS to BNA, I recognized Hunter Hayes! He was such a nice and cool guy. I love it when celebrities aren’t full of themselves!


I was very privileged to work with Rachel. She is a funny girl! I’ve never met anyone who loves country music as much as myself! She lives in Nashville!


On Tuesday night, I found myself in San Antonio, Texas. We stay at the perfect hotel, in the ideal location, but my overnight was just too short to do anything fun. It was pretty much a slam-click kind of night (this is a term that flight attendants to describe those who don’t want to go down and be with their fellow crew members, as in-you slam the door closed and click the lock… one who does this a lot and isn’t social on the overnight is labeled a “slam-clicker”).

Wednesday night was back to DEN, and I enjoyed all of Thursday off. I stayed at the crashpad where I have forced myself into my dear friend Dawn’s family. It’s great having this second family- where her grandsons are being raised to know that I’m an uncle. I’m pushing for “Favorite Uncle” status, but I feel that the kids will have to decide this independently. I will do my best to plant that seed.

ISPOn both Thursday and Friday night, I ended up on Long Island in New York. The first night I found a haircut, and on the second night, I managed to find a pretty good burger for dinner. Also, on the second night, the hotel was hosting a Dr. Who convention. It was hilarious to see all the funky costumes that the attendees were wearing. It was actually more scary than hilarious.

IMG_7257I had the day off of work, and rather thank spend one whole day at home, I stayed at the crashpad. Today Jeff, my crashpad dad, and I pretended to be farmers. Next to the barn, behind the house, there is a chicken coop. It needed some fixing up, so that was today’s activity. After a quick ride on the tractor with Tatum, we were off to the farmer supply to pick up some chicken wire, some wood chips for the floor of the coup, six chicks, and two ducks.


IMG_7265Adrian was right out there working with us. This means so much to me since there were a few other roommates who chose to stay inside and not help. He actually made the job more fun, with his sense of humor. I’m enjoying getting to know him a little bit better. You really know who someone truly is when and if they show up to help.

In his own words, “I feel like an underpaid Mexican.” Funny because he is a second-generation U.S. citizen whose parents came from Baja Mexico.

IMG_7273Whiz came out after awhile to inform us that he was there to supervise. The only reason he hadn’t come out earlier is because he was resting from a rather vicious work trip.

Even though we were almost finished by the time he arrived, I still commend him for at least showing up. I know that if we’d have needed help, he would have put on some shoes and helped out. It’s just the kind of person he is.


Jeff is Dawn’s husband and therefore the “Dad” of our crashpad. The more I get to know this guy, the more I appreciate him.


6 Chickens


2 Ducks