This could fall under the “midlife crisis” category.

You’re most likely sitting at home, scratching your head and wondering when episode 2 of season 2 is coming out. Here’s the deal- I haven’t been traveling a lot lately. I’m still a flight attendant, but life sometimes takes a turn, and at this time, I need to stay on the ground.

I do miss the travel, but I am enjoying a slower pace. With less travel, I have decided to focus on another bucket list item. Today, this dream has finally come true!

If I hadn’t been planning this purchase for quite some time, you’d be allowed to assume that this is a desperate cry for attention. The fact of the matter is this: Anything that I purchase that is of a ‘fun’ and/or ‘shiny’ nature, at my current age, is going to be met with an eye roll and unfair judgment.

It’s not like I’ve purchased a little sports car or traded in a wife for a newer, younger model (as if). I’ve met guys who have spent outrageous amounts of money on hair plugs, jewelry, or even lotions that are supposed to make them look younger. Not me!

Anyway- here is, without a doubt, my latest cry for attention.

Behold: My New Ryker

DavTravels: Season 2, Episode 1

Show Notes: Happy 2022! I hope it’s not a dumpster fire! | Exploring the outskirts of #Tucson, #Arizona with #Pip and #Paul, deciding if I want to [officially] move back to Arizona! | I’m back to work after taking all of December off! | #Travel to #SanFrancisco, #California! | You never know what’s going to happen on a work trip- things are always changing, especially if there is weather!

1952- The Number One Grossing Film: This is Cinerama

Me: Liked it

Pip: Meh

I said I wasn’t going to add a description, but, alas, here is a description: In 1952, the film industry started to use a new technology, which, I’m guessing, was the IMAX of that time. It was tough getting through the 2+ hours of footage. This is mainly because it’s just a collection of “high-def” scenes so that they could show off what their cameras can do (I use the term ‘high-def’ loosely, as it comes nowhere close to what filmmakers can do nowadays).

The only reason I voted for a “Liked it” and not a “Meh” is because I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who may be experiencing this for the first time, in 1952. They obviously loved it enough to tell their friends and family to go see it- otherwise, it wouldn’t have been the highest-grossing film of the year.

1950- The Number One Grossing Film: Cinderella

I felt that last night was a good night to start toward the new goal. The goal: To watch each and every top-grossing film from 1950 forward. Since I like movies, I don’t see this as a difficult thing to accomplish. It will take time, but I’m willing to waste weeks of my life making it happen.

Rather than giving you a whole write-up explaining why I loved or hated it, I’m going to simply say give one of four reactions: Loved it, Liked it, Meh, or Hated it. I may or may not explain myself. If Pip, or anyone else watches it with me, I’ll have them give their reaction too.

1950: Cinderella

Me: Liked it!

Pip: Liked it!

I love watching movies, but I’m hardly a movie buff.

Sad fact: I have never seen the movie, Gone With The Wind. I know it’s a classic and that so many people love it, but I’ve never gotten around to watching it. Perhaps it is because I added it to my movie library years ago and knew that I’d eventually get around to watching it. 

Tonight is the night! Pip told me it‘a almost four hours long, and I hope I have a long enough attention span. Lately, I’ve been falling asleep soon after my head hits the pillow, so it will be interesting to see if I can keep myself focussed that long.

Speaking of movies- here is a new goal that I just came up with: I will watch the top-grossing film from each year from 1950 forward. Pip told me he’d join me in this adventure, so this means that we most likely will be popping tons of popcorn. If I go all the way to the year 2030, that’s only 80 movies, and I don’t really see this as a problem. I am totally adding this to my bucket list!

I just wanted to check in!

I wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and well. Things have been good- my new year is off to a great start! I have started work on some new videos, but those won’t post until the month of March. This gives me time to do some edits, go on some work trips- and have some adventures to report about!

Updates are coming soon!

DavTravels: Season 1, Episode 12

2021.08.15 – 2021.09.16: Work brings me to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- it’s been too long!  Memories of visiting The Pavillion, so many years ago! | On my birthday, I enjoy some ice cream in Austin, Texas! Birthday dinner is an amazing kielbasa at Banger’s! | I end up in Long Beach, California, excited to prepare for my next visit to Hawaii!

Music has always been a massive part of my existence.

I laugh when I hear someone complain about a song being stuck in their head. I ALWAYS have a song stuck in my head! It’s very distracting but enjoyable. When I was brainstorming my bucket list, I knew that live performances would be a big part. I was right! Here is a list of artists I would love to perform live (in person, that is). Some of these were added after the first hundred items were revealed.

1. Beth Hart

2. Dolly Parton

3. Due West (checked- off)

4. Faith Hill (checked- off)

5. Hilary Weeks (checked- off)

6. Jessica Andrews

7. Jo Dee Messina

8. Joe McElderry

9. Joey + Rory Feek (crossed off- Joey Feek passed away)

10. Katie Thompson (in NYC)

11. Linda Eder

12. Mary Chapin Carpenter

13. Reba McEntire (20 times)

14. Trisha Yearwood (checked- off)

15. Ty Herndon

16. Cam (checked- off)

17. Chris Stapleton (checked- off)

18. Eric Church (checked- off)

19. Garth Brooks (checked- off)

20. Holly Williams

21. Jared Mitchell

22. Keith Urban (checked- off)

23. Lady Antebellum (checked- off)

24. Little Big Town (checked- off)