Scotland 6: Day 20

03.18.18 | Stromness, Scotland | 16:34

When I woke up this morning, I was excited to attend church. I checked on the church’s website, and they said there was a congregation close by that had an 11:00 service. Since I had to be out of my hotel by 10:00, I found myself about an hour early to church. I knocked on the door to see if I could wait inside, but nobody answered. So, I hung out front for the hour. 11:00 came and went, but nobody showed. I decided that I would make my way to the bus station and ride to my next destination.

Stromness is on the west side of Orkney, only about 20-25 minutes on the bus. I had come here about seven years back with one of my hostel roommates. We did a little bit of exploring but ended up going back to Kirkwall later on that evening. My favorite memory from this town is when I went to pet a small, orange cat. The cat didn’t want me to pet it, but I did want to ride. It walked behind me and jumped up on top of my pack (see post). As I walk the same street earlier today, I was hoping the little orange cat might show up. Sadly, not one did.

Before my walk, I had to get something to eat for lunch. Since I hadn’t had breakfast, I was starting to feel low blood sugar. I sat down and had the hotel restaurant’s “Sunday Special,” three courses for only £12.95. My meal was incredibly delicious!


My evening has been a good one. I decided that I would stay inside, not that there’s anything to do in Stromness at night. I imagine a few pubs open, but there’s nothing for this non-drinker to do. So I had some dinner, and I’m going to call it a night.