Ireland 2007: Day 4

03.31.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland

Today, I was leaving Sixmilebridge, headed to Limerick to catch a train down to Cork.

This is Colm- he was on the bus with me into Limerick where he works as a hair stylist.

Limerick, Ireland

The Train Station in Limerick

Limerick > Cork

Cork, Ireland

Walking from the Cork train station to my hostel
My Hostel
Exploring Downtown Cork, Ireland
Some Hostel Mates
More Hostel Mates

Ireland 2007: Day 1

10.26.20: It is always a struggle to get my life organized. In an attempt to this very thing, I am posting these old pictures from my third visit to Scotland and my first visit to Ireland (I will be using ‘#Scotland 3’ and ‘#Ireland 2007’ as the tags). I don’t remember very many of the stories but will provide notes of what may have happened. These posts will be back-dated as if I had been keeping this blog all along. If I come across the actual blog posts or written stories, I will update these entries. Enjoy!

03.28.2007 | Sixmilebridge, Ireland

I flew from EDI to SNN. I remember the security guards in front of the airport held fully automatic rifles- I was impressed! I boarded a bus that dropped me off in Sixmilebridge. I remember walking down the rural town, trying to find my hostel, laughing at myself- wondering how on earth I ended up in such a small, Irish town.

The Jamaica Inn (my hostel)
Downtown Sixmilebridge
I went for a long walk down a country road that lead away from the town.
This is road kill, only it’s pronounced with an Irish accent.
Small Family Cemetery
Indian Food for Dinner