Scotland 3: Day 5

03.24.2007 | Inverness, Scotland

I remember Jordan. He worked here when I visited, two years in a row. He was very nice!

Stirling, Scotland

I said goodbye to Inverness, and got on the train, headed south. I took a picture of this ‘Stirling’ sign from the train, so that I could do research and plan a visit to Stirling in a later trip.

Edinburgh, Scotland

There was some sort of parade/ festival happening in Edinburgh. I’m not sure what they were celebrating, but it was wonderful to see everyone out and about!
Victoria Street
This is the view of Grassmarket from the front of my hostel.
Walking up Victoria Street from Grassmarket.
The front of the hostel- Budget Backpackers.
Overlooking Greyfriars
View of Grassmarket
Tourist attraction, no doubt, but it is always wonderful to hear bagpipes playing!
Looking down from the top of Calton Hill