DavTravels: Season 2, Episode 8 (Season 2 Finale)

Hey, y’all! Here is season 2, episode 8 of DavTravels! It is also the season finale, and my video editing skills are getting a bit better than they have been in the past. Thanks to the power of the voice-over, these videos will get easier to watch. Come with me as I check off another item from my bucket list! Number 137, to be exact!

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DavTravels: Season 2, Episode 6

I thought I had uploaded all of my videos of my trip to Peru- come to find out, I hadn’t. I apologize for the wait! Here is season 2, episode 6! I will post the rest over the weekend, which will be the rest of season 2. And the good news is the fact that season 3 is already in the works!

Are you familiar with the “What3Words” app? If you aren’t, I highly recommend you check it out! This makes it so much easier to share or find an exact location!

Here is an example: Let’s say you are just getting out of a concert at a huge venue, and you’re waiting for a friend to come to pick you up. Due to the size of the place, and the large crowd, it could be challenging for your friend to find you. Typically, you could look for a landmark or feature that they could drive around and find you waiting next to, but that, too, can be difficult.

With What3Words, you would open the app, allow it to find your exact GPS location, and give your friend the three words that the app has designated for that location.

Sometimes street addresses can be confusing because different cities have different rules regarding their numbering system, or some houses and buildings don’t have their address visible. This wouldn’t be a problem if you knew the location using the What3Words app.

Probably the most important example that I can think of: What if you need emergency services, such as an ambulance, police, or rescue team, to get to your exact location fast? You could give them the three words associated with your precise spot on the globe. That is if they have adopted using What3Words.

Do me a favor- visit http://What3Words.com (they explain it better than I ever could).

I want to use the app in my blog and vlog so that readers can find or go to the exact places I travel. These will be with a triple backslash followed by three words, separated by a dot. For example- if I were to pinpoint the exact location of Four Corners USA, it would look like this: ///gearbox.awaits.flamingo.

Check it out when you have a sec.