Scotland 5: Day 49

04.18.16 | Edinburgh Flat | 21:02

The walk to the Stornoway airport was very windy! I’m surprised that with my huge backpack, I wasn’t pushed over several times. Sometimes I would have to stop walking for a moment and simply plant my feet. I certainly didn’t want to be pushed into traffic, not that there was a whole lot of that.

When I got to the airport, I had about seven hours to kill. My flight to Edinburgh wasn’t leaving until 18:35 and since I had to be checked out of the hotel long before that, I really didn’t have much of an option. The trek from downtown to the airport was about 2 ½ miles. When I arrived, I walked up to the gentleman at the Flybe ticket counter to ask if there was an earlier flight to EDI, and if so, how much it would cost to change. The gentleman told me that there wasn’t, but I could switch to an earlier Glasgow flight and then get on a train or bus from there. The change wasn’t very expensive, so this is what I decided to do. This move put me into Edinburgh about 5 hours earlier than I’d expected!



The good news is that I’m now back in the city I love most. The bad news is that this will be my last stop in Scotland before its time to come home. I’m not going to think of that right now, though. More good news: For this last part of the trip I’m renting a flat in Old Town, just half a block off The Royal Mile. I found a really great deal through AirBnB. It is pretty much the supreme location! The only reason I can afford it is because it’s still the off-season, so things are cheaper.

I say this is my last stop in Scotland but I’m taking the scenic route home. To find out how I’m getting home next week, you’re just going to have to read it on this site next week. I’ll just say- I won’t be flying in a straight line, and a trip to Western Europe wouldn’t be the same without getting to see an old, dear friend.

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Scotland 5: Day 48

04.17.16 | Stornoway, Scotland | 08:19

I’m feeling great again- all systems are “go.” I joked yesterday about the day is “a day of reflection.” All joking aside, that is what today is going to be about. This doesn’t mean I’m going to stay all day indoors, however. We’ll see what happens- I just need the rain to stop.


The rainy weather seemed to have finished up for the morning, so I walked over to see Lews Castle. It was a nice little walk, and it felt good to stretch my legs for a bit, especially being cooped up here for most of the day yesterday. About the time I was finished, it started to rain again. I thought it was best to come back to the hotel and wait it out for a few minutes. Little did I know it wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. I did manage to get a few good pictures on my walk, however. Such a cute little city!




Scotland 5: Day 47

04.16.16 | Stornoway Hotel | 19:34

Today I felt somewhat sick. I guess I had an off-day. This is what I think was the rest of that motion sickness from the ferry ride yesterday. I got a really late start and even when I felt up to leaving the room, it was so cold outside! I decided that the day was going to be a “day of reflection”. Translation: I watched movies and stayed in my hotel room.

I know that is pathetic- I can hear a bunch of my friends saying stuff like- Really? You’re in Scotland and you’re staying indoors? I literally stressed yesterday, worried about what friends would think, then it dawned on me that this is not only a sight-seeing trip, but it is my vacation. Relaxing is part of a vacation as well. Then it also dawned on me that I don’t really have to answer to anyone. Peace at last.

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