Scotland 5: Day 46

04.15.16 | Ullapool to Stornoway Ferry | 11:10

As I was waiting for the ferry terminal to open up, it actually started snowing a little bit. I had heard a couple talking yesterday in Ullapool, discussing that there was a cold front being pushed down from the arctic. But snow? I thought it was only in American that there were snow showers in April. Thankfully the terminal was soon open and I was able to wait inside, out of the cold.

I’ve been talking to this guy who is on his way back home to Stornoway. He’s been on the mainland traveling on holiday. He’s got his motorcycle helmet and wearing leather pants. Someday I hope to be awesome like he is. Confession: I have wanted leather pants ever since college. Maybe I’ll just get some awesome chaps. That would be rad.

This is so beautiful! So many little sheep farms, the sheep dotting the shoreline. It boggles my mind that people still inhabit places so extremely rural! I could do it, but I would require access to either a local Sam’s Club or a Costco.


Stornoway Hotel | 23:52

I think I got a bit of motion sickness on today’s journey. I was chatting with a guy and not paying attention to the movement of the ferry on the choppy water. I had ordered a burger from the kitchen and after taking two bites, I wasn’t having it. It tasted good, but my stomach started to ache. This is something I have rarely felt in my life, since I pretty much spent my growing up summers in the back seat of one vehicle or another, riding from Arizona to South Carolina and then back again. I thought I couldn’t get motion sickness by this point. I hope it calms in the night and I am ready to go tomorrow.

My hotel was extremely easy to find, as it is located just over a block from the ferry terminal. When I asked the customer service representative at the terminal, all she did was point. That was all the direction I needed. Since I couldn’t find any hostels available in town when I’d checked the internet, a hotel will have to do.

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Scotland 5: Day 45

04.14.16 | Ullapool Hostel | 20:05

Late last night I jumped on the internet to look for deals, hoping to find a different hostel here in Ullapool. It was frustrating to learn that this is the only hostel that I can find online and for me to move to a hotel or a B&B, I’d have to fork out a whole lot of money that I really didn’t want to fork out. I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to forget about it. I’m excellent at moving on when needed.

Thank goodness today was absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. It was only partly cloudy (well more cloudy than not, but at least it wasn’t raining) and as the day progressed it just kept getting nicer. It was a short-sleeve shirt kind of day. I decided to follow the coastline of Loch Broom in a northwest direction toward the ocean. This was another beautiful walk! I walked slow, listening to podcasts and ended up wandering for about 2 ½ hours.


When I got back into Ullapool, I still had some time to kill so I found a chippy and afterward ended up sitting and chatting with a bunch of elderly ladies in a teahouse. This particular teahouse is owned and operated by a couple who are originally from Australia. They are incredibly sweet and funny!


Soon we were joined by a group of 8 ladies from Paisley, Scotland who are members of a walking club. We chatted about everything under the sun! They were also a delight! More elderly ladies joined us and pretty soon this little teahouse was filled. I can’t begin to describe how much I love flirting with old ladies! It’s hilarious- they get a kick out of it and even though they know I’m joking, they totally appreciate it and flirt right back! This is something I learned to love to do at work.


Tonight the hostel is so quiet. It looks like the only guests here are myself and a French family. They seem nice and are if I understood their accent, they’re from somewhere in the middle of the France. I told them I had only been to Paris, and that was years ago. It would be great to explore more of their country!

I just finished up doing my laundry. Tomorrow I’m off to my second-to-last destination.

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Scotland 5: Day 44

04.13.16 | Ullapool Ferry Terminal | 12:11

I’m sitting in the Ullapool ferry terminal, just trying to keep out of the cold wind. I’m frustrated with the fact that I have to be out of the hostel every day from 10:00 until 16:30. I just walked up a hill and have come back to shower and possibly take a nap- nope. They told me I can’t be inside. Understand that it’s April in Scotland. There is cold weather and there is rain here, more often than not. I basically have no shelter during the day while I’m in this windy, seaport town. Once I’m allowed back in, I’m going to have to jump on the internet and see if I can afford another place. I’m budgeted to almost the dollar so this will be interesting, I’m sure. This isn’t normal. I have stayed in hostels all over the U.K., and in France,

Once I’m allowed back in, I’m going to have to jump on the internet and see if I can afford another place. I’m budgeted down to almost the dollar so this will be interesting. This isn’t normal- I have stayed in hostels all over the U.K., and in France, Germany, and Australia. This has never happened. I understand closing a room or two at the time while it’s being cleaned but to have to leave the entire property?!

Sorry for that. I just had to vent for a moment. My walk up the hill was absolutely marvelous, even though it was quite cold today. I know I said it last night, but this valley is extremely beautiful!



It’s nice to be in the hostel again. Even though I’m still frustrated, I’m not upset like I was earlier. I shouldn’t write when I’m that upset. It’s like shopping while you’re hungry- there’s no telling what may happen.

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Scotland 5: Day 43

04.12.16 | Invergordon > Inverness | 07:22

The artwork at the Invergordon station reminds me of the artwork at Denver International Airport. It’s nice but disturbing. This one has a few morbid scenes, but not as many as Denver. I know there’s a story there and I should google that. Maybe later.


I woke up this morning just before 06:00 so I could put all my clothes in my backpack and grab a quick breakfast. The little old lady who works in the hotel kitchen confronted me to let me know that I didn’t have to leave a tip, as I’d been doing each morning after breakfast. She was a bit embarrassed by this confrontation, I could tell. I told her that it was not a big deal and left her another few pounds. I don’t think she’s used to being tipped because the breakfast is actually included in the hotel stay. She’s a sweety.

Ullapool Hostel | 20:02

Ullapool is an absolutely beautiful little town! It sits right not he water and the view from the hostel is breathtaking! I can’t wait to get out and explore tomorrow. Tonight I’m just too tired to do much this evening. I’m told there are some great walks nearby and things to see. Once my devices are all charged up, I may just head to bed a bit early.


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