A few years back, I had a dream that I was sitting on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry with a bunch of other people. I remember we all sat in a large circle on the stage, waiting for our turn to sing. Suddenly it was my turn to sing. I stood up and walked up to the microphone… I heard a band start playing the accompaniment to the song Bring on the Rain by Jo Dee Messina. As I inhale to start singing the song, I wake up.

I have loved Jo Dee Messina’s voice since I first heard her recording of Heads Carolina, Tales California. Bucket list item number 56 is to hear her sing live. I think this would be a fun night! Here’s the video- Bring on the Rain. Enjoy!

Coming in at number 26 on the bucket list is to go to Disneyland for more than one day consecutively. I often work flights in and out of southern California and I see the little kids with their Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ears, or their princess shirts and I ask them how long they are going on their vacation for. It’s quite common to find that are going for at least a week. That may be a little excessive, but I’ve never been for more than one day.

When I was young, it was quite a big deal for my family to go to Disneyland. I remember we’d drive to California one day, spend most of the second day at Disneyland and then day three was driving back to Arizona. This was huge! A few years ago, I got to spend the day with my friend Arron there, but that was still just one day. This needs to happen!

Here are some pictures from my day at Disneyland with Arron (this happened back in February of 2009):

Number 8 on the bucket list is to go to The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I’ve been on layovers in Reykjavik on my way to Scotland and have seen it advertised in the airport and all over. It looks awesome- maybe some of you have been there before? What was your experience like? I’m certain it’s a tourist trap but would love to have that experience. Check it out!

Bucket list item #7 is to attend a Beth Hart concert. I know I’ve posted about her before, but I’m slightly obsessed. The first song I ever heard her sing was L.A. Song. I love the unique tremolo in her voice. *WARNING: THIS SONG HAS SOME HARSH LANGUAGE*

Here is a video of Beth singing my favorite song of hers, a song that haunts me, My California:

One winter night when I was living in Logan, Utah, I was on the Utah State University campus and after an evening class, I walked outside. I noticed that there was an odd red hue to the sky. I found some friends outside and was discussing what this might be. My guess was that for some reason, we could see part of the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. I had never heard of the lights being seen this far south, but the next morning while listening to the radio, the news confirmed that that’s exactly what we were seeing in the sky.

I would love to see those lights in all their glory. I think it would be amazing to see that colorful dance in the sky. Even though I can say that I have seen the northern lights now, I’ve decided to add this to my bucket list. Bucket list item #4: I’d love to see the Aurora Borealis in all it’s glory!

Coming in at number 13 on my bucket list is to go to Cancun, Mexico. Technically, this could be crossed off my list- I did fly down to Cancun on January 29th for work, but I never actually left the jetway. Since it was a turn, I was only on the ground for about an hour. I managed to snap this picture with the operations agent, and then we boarded the new passengers and headed back up to the states. I’ll cross this one off my list as soon as I get leave the airport.


During the summer of 1993, like most summers, I found myself with my parents at our annual family reunion in Hartsville, South Carolina. I remember talking with some of my cousins about how difficult it was to find work in my hometown of Thatcher, Arizona. It seemed that all of the businesses owners didn’t want to hire anyone unless they were family. My aunt Debbie suggested that I try to get a job with her kids, Josh and Meg at The Dillard House in Dillard, Georgia.

Josh called up his manager and asked if I could come to work with them for the rest of the summer. His manager asked if I was a Mormon. When Josh answered in the affirmative, I got the job. The fact was that Josh, Meg, and some close family friends, like the Ben and Andrew Thornal were among the best, hardest, and most dedicated workers at The Dillard House at the time and had totally given Mormons’ a good name. I never even had to interview for the job.

For the rest of the summer, I lived with my cousins in Franklin, North Carolina. While I was there, Josh told me so many stories about growing up in the area. Once he told me that as a boy scout, his troop got to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. I love to hike! I’ve been fascinated by this trail ever since that time.

Years later, when I was living in Baltimore, Maryland, I had the opportunity to go camping and hiking in the beautiful Shenandoah mountains with my roommates Jeff and Nate. I saw that part of this famous Appalachian Trail made it’s way through this beautiful country. This is when I decided that I would love to someday hike the length of the trail. I have added this to my bucket list (item #3). Obviously, I’m not going to take the several months off of work that this hike would require. The trail is 2,184 miles long, and stretches from Mount Katahdin in Maine, all the way down to Springer Mountain in Georgia. Like so many others, my plan is to hike the trail in segments, eventually having hiked the entire thing.

Going back to what I was talking about before- the summer of 1993 was spent, in part, working at The Dillard House. It was truly an incredible experience. Someday I would like to go back to The Dillard House and eat and stay there. This time I’ll go as a guest, not an employee. It’s a great place for a getaway! I have added this to my bucket list as well.


It was a long day today and I’m so happy to be off of my feet! We worked from BHM to HOU to LAX to DEN. The coolest part of my day was when I got to meet Val Young of The Mary Jane Girls featuring Val Young. They are a group who were big in the ‘80s with Motown Records. Click here to see Val’s Wikipedia page.  We went to the back galley and sang for each other. She sang me an Aretha Franklin song and I sang to her a few lines of Heaven Help Me by Wynonna. She gave me some valuable information and we exchanged cell phone numbers. She was a great gal- I’d love to hear her sing live someday.

Here’s a Val Young recording:

And here’s Heaven Help Me by Wynonna:


Tonight I finished up my online work for my annual recurrent training. Every year I wait until the very last minute to do this. I’m such a horrible procrastinator! Anyway, tomorrow is the actual recurrent training class so I finished it just in time! I’ll get to sit around for 8 hours in this class. Are you jealous? Sooo not looking forward to this but our evil government requires it of me.

When I lobbied this morning for a 05:35 van, my crew hadn’t shown up yet.

I stood in front of the hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, wondering what was taking them so long. Sometimes a crew member is running behind, but it was odd that both pilots and the other two flight attendants hadn’t shown yet. Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t supposed to lobby for another hour. I went back up to my room, stripped out of my uniform, and watched 40 minutes of CMT and VH1.

This afternoon I ended up in Birmingham, Alabama. Today is Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate that fact, Michelle, Kerin, and I wandered down the street to a restaurant called Cantina Loredo. The food was excellent! The atmosphere was posh! The background music was some new age classical that was on repeat (I’d have preferred a mariachi band). The service was meh. We’re guessing that our server was the new guy. His forehead was sweaty the entire time (I was tempted to reach up with my napkin and wipe him down), and he really didn’t listen to a lot of what we were asking for. I think he was just overwhelmed.

Even though this was the case, the food was delicious! For appetizers, we had chips with queso, and they made some fresh guacamole tableside. This was awesome guac! Michelle ordered a salad that seemed to have as many chips as it had lettuce, Kerin had a healthy-looking enchilada plate, and I had the fajitas. Bacon-wrapped shrimp! Need I say more?


This has been a wonderful and memorable work trip and a great crew! The pilots we had for the first two days were hilarious. Michelle is always a riot to have on my trip (you should take her on the karaoke circuit in Nashville). Even though this is my first time working with Kerin, she is an adorable and fun girl! She is originally from Kingston, Jamaica, and so she talks with a very sexy accent! I look forward to getting more trips with her in the future!


I’m very stoked to be working with my dear friend Michelle on this three-day trip. This afternoon, we ended up in Charleston, South Carolina. Upon arriving, I called my dad to tell him I was in his home state. He told me that I needed to rent a car, drive to our family land (about 2 hours and 20 minutes one way), and mow the lawn. I told him that I didn’t see that happening but that he is more than welcome to board a plane in Salt Lake City, fly to South Carolina, rent a car, and mow it himself.

I just got back from a delicious meal with Michelle and our other coworker Kerin. I opted for a burger that was topped with a fried egg (I probably eat too many burgers and should really slow down), Michelle had the salmon, and Kerin had some sort of grilled cheese, chicken sandwich. We all enjoyed our meals, but Kerin wished she would have ordered the burger like me.