Scotland 5: Day 43

04.12.16 | Invergordon > Inverness | 07:22

The artwork at the Invergordon station reminds me of the artwork at Denver International Airport. It’s nice but disturbing. This one has a few morbid scenes, but not as many as Denver. I know there’s a story there and I should google that. Maybe later.


I woke up this morning just before 06:00 so I could put all my clothes in my backpack and grab a quick breakfast. The little old lady who works in the hotel kitchen confronted me to let me know that I didn’t have to leave a tip, as I’d been doing each morning after breakfast. She was a bit embarrassed by this confrontation, I could tell. I told her that it was not a big deal and left her another few pounds. I don’t think she’s used to being tipped because the breakfast is actually included in the hotel stay. She’s a sweety.

Ullapool Hostel | 20:02

Ullapool is an absolutely beautiful little town! It sits right not he water and the view from the hostel is breathtaking! I can’t wait to get out and explore tomorrow. Tonight I’m just too tired to do much this evening. I’m told there are some great walks nearby and things to see. Once my devices are all charged up, I may just head to bed a bit early.


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Scotland 5: Day 42

04.11.16 | Invergordon Hotel | 21:41

This morning I have confirmed what I already suspected: There’s not much going on in Invergordon. As I explained the other day, it is about the size of Thatcher, the little town in southeastern Arizona where I grew up. I love Thatcher, but most of my entertainment was the friends I hung out with. I walked two blocks south to the back of Cromarty Firth and followed it out of Inverness and into Saltburn, the next town over. I was thankful that the sun was out, even though there was a cold breeze blowing.


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Scotland 5: Day 41

04.10.16 | Invergordon, Scotland | 18:08

Not too much to report today. I woke up this morning, and the rain was pouring down- not just sprinkling. Cold wind too! It was crazy! I bundled up and walked down the street to find the local place to attend church. It was just what I needed! About 25 people were in attendance, and they were so happy to see me, or they acted like they were. They really went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

Dinner was a simple Chinese take-out. Will make for good leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. I am planning on getting a good look around Invergordon tomorrow. This is a great little town. I hope to have some great pictures soon!

Scotland 5: Day 40

04.09.16 | Thurso > Invergordon | 13:09

Yesterday’s sunshine was very short-lived. Today, Thurso feels more like late February than the beginning of April. After a fast look at the ocean in the rain, I made my way to ‘Reid’s’, which is the place I’ve been eating my breakfast the last three mornings, for one more meal. A steak puff and some hot chocolate- the same thing I’ve had every morning while here. This has become my morning ritual in Thurso.


Since the hostel required me to be checked out before 10:00, I had no place to go, other than the train station. It’s too cold to be the tourist, and with my heavy pack back on my back, I didn’t want to wander too many places either. For the past three hours, I have been pacing the cold train station. I didn’t want to sit because I know that this train ride to Invergordon is going to be a three-hour tour.

Invergordon Hotel | 19:58

Invergordon is a very sweet little town. The population is just over 4000 people, so this is about the size of Thatcher, Arizona, the town where I grew up. In other words, I can relate to Invergordon. Take Thatcher out of the desert, put it in a more wet climate and add some older buildings. This is Invergordon. At least that’s my opinion so far.

There’s not much here as far as entertainment, however. I went to google maps and put in ‘cinema’ and the nearest one that came up is in Inverness. One of my friends in the states googled “Invergordon Scotland Entertainment” and I guess the have some kind of Country and Western celebration in July. That’s awesome! Too bad it happens to be April!

After dinner, I walked down the main street in town to find something sweet to take back to the hotel with me. I asked the cashier at the convenience store what people do for entertainment on a Saturday night here. She told me there was a great pub nearby, and proceeded to explain the directions. Since I don’t drink, this was off-putting, but maybe there’s live music or something there. I may go check it out in awhile. Otherwise, I think it’s a Netflix kind of night.

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