Scotland 5: Day 40

04.09.16 | Thurso > Invergordon | 13:09

Yesterday’s sunshine was very short-lived. Today, Thurso feels more like late February than the beginning of April. After a fast look at the ocean in the rain, I made my way to ‘Reid’s’, which is the place I’ve been eating my breakfast the last three mornings, for one more meal. A steak puff and some hot chocolate- the same thing I’ve had every morning while here. This has become my morning ritual in Thurso.


Since the hostel required me to be checked out before 10:00, I had no place to go, other than the train station. It’s too cold to be the tourist, and with my heavy pack back on my back, I didn’t want to wander too many places either. For the past three hours, I have been pacing the cold train station. I didn’t want to sit because I know that this train ride to Invergordon is going to be a three-hour tour.

Invergordon Hotel | 19:58

Invergordon is a very sweet little town. The population is just over 4000 people, so this is about the size of Thatcher, Arizona, the town where I grew up. In other words, I can relate to Invergordon. Take Thatcher out of the desert, put it in a more wet climate and add some older buildings. This is Invergordon. At least that’s my opinion so far.

There’s not much here as far as entertainment, however. I went to google maps and put in ‘cinema’ and the nearest one that came up is in Inverness. One of my friends in the states googled “Invergordon Scotland Entertainment” and I guess the have some kind of Country and Western celebration in July. That’s awesome! Too bad it happens to be April!

After dinner, I walked down the main street in town to find something sweet to take back to the hotel with me. I asked the cashier at the convenience store what people do for entertainment on a Saturday night here. She told me there was a great pub nearby, and proceeded to explain the directions. Since I don’t drink, this was off-putting, but maybe there’s live music or something there. I may go check it out in awhile. Otherwise, I think it’s a Netflix kind of night.

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