Washington Camping Adventure: Day 4

I woke up at about 06:00 this morning- I got such a good night’s sleep! As I lay there thinking, deciding if I want to get up or try to fall back asleep, I heard a noise in the trees behind my tent. I think it was a deer (or some other animal) relieving itself. I could tell that it was an animal that was a bit taller because I could hear it’s stream hitting the forest floor. It was gone by the time I unzipped my tent flap and stepped out.

The morning was so peaceful and calm! I ate some cereal while looking out over the lake. It was perfect! The thick clouds on the water made it impossible to see the opposite shore. Very peaceful- further proof that God loves us!


When Megan woke up we decided that we need to head into town to get some more groceries and supplies. Also, she is doing an online Master’s program and she needed to find a strong Internet connection to be able to stream some required videos for her class. Before we left camp, I decided to shave. I haven’t been clean shaven since April of last year.

We drove into Hoquiam first and a flood of memories and emotions came back. This was one of the areas where I served as a missionary back in 1994. I told her about the convert who ended up cheating on his wife, the car salesman who was truly converted, the less-active woman who had about 26 cats, a member who was a postal carrier named Cliff (Remember Cheers? Seriously!) and the ward bishop who day-jobbed as an O.B.G.Y.N. I showed her one of the apartments that I once lived in.

We stopped to use the wifi at Starbucks, and since was feeling nostalgic, I looked up one of the men who I helped teach the gospel to when I lived up here. The closest match on the white pages.com was a family in Yakima, Washington. I dialed the number and his wife answer the phone. She recognized my name on her collar ID immediately and wondered if it was actually me. We chatted for about 10 minutes and I tried to hold back tears she told me about how good that most of the members of her family were doing.

After we finished up at Starbucks, it was time to head over to the Walmart and get some food. I grab some buffalo meat, some onion soup mix, and some cheese so that I could make a tinfoil dinner (or TFD as Megan taught me today). I never actually made my own before, but ever since the time I was a young Boy Scout, I’ve eaten the ones my mom had made for me. They’re delicious! I ask myself- how hard can it be?

I wanted Megan to see the Pacific ocean on our way back (this would mean that she has seen both oceans in this calendar year) so we drove to Ocean Shores, another area where I had once served. When we reached the coast, it was a cold, overcast and windy day. Not really beach weather, but it was nice to behold the majestic power of the… blah blah blah… hand of God… blah blah blah… mother nature… blah blah blah… sasquatch!

We drove north on the coastal highway until we reached the tiny town of Pacific Beach. We managed to drive right off the road, and onto the actual beach, as Ryan Butterfield and I had done, so many years ago- I wanted to show her how we used to drive the mission car down the beach (nobody tell my mission president, please) but we got a little deeper than I’d expected. I had my driver-side window down and I got splashed a little bit. This, my friends, is reason #489 of why you shouldn’t let me rent a car from your company.


Forty-five minutes later, we made it back to camp. It was 78° and so I talked Megan into jumping into the lake with me. Now when I say “jumping in”,  what I actually mean is very, very slowly, easily, making my way into the ice-cold mountain lake. Body part after body part (you know the ones I’m referring to) going numb. Finally, after 20 minutes or so of screeching like a couple of babies, we made it up to our necks and were even able to swim out for a few minutes. We took turns snapping pictures of our “manliness” or “womanliness” if you will.


Our buffalo TFDs were a hit! Even though I accidentally cut into Megan’s foil a wee bit, I’m pretty sure that fire ash in your meat is actually healthy for you. It gives you fibre or something like that.


Today’s quotes:

  1. “Yeah, right! They’d freeze their freakin’ nards off!”
  2. “That’s HCG approved!” (referring to the nasty beach foam)
  3. “There’s a big difference between testicles and Shakespeare!”
  4. “You didn’t sparkle and you’re not craving blood!”

And this is how we camp. Please make note of the Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhones, etc.