Let’s talk about the Grand Canyon! One of my nieces recently posted a picture of her kids standing next to the edge. I have so many great memories of this national park! When I was young, my Uncle Jim and Aunt Dixie lived in the park, where he worked as a park ranger. Some of my very favorite memories were riding up to the canyon from southeastern Arizona, where I grew up.

My cousin Carrie, who has since passed on, and I would, on occasion, walk down the trail. This was from the south rim, where they lived. There was a point in the hike where it was posted that you shouldn’t go any further without water. That was usually the point where we’d turn around and head back up to the top.

I miss those days so much! Enough, at least, that the Grand Canyon made it on to my bucket list twice. I have been back a couple times since then, but only for quick overnight visits. It would be wonderful to spend some time there, once again. Number 42 on my bucket list is to hike the canyon from rim to rim. Number 43 is to fly over the canyon on a helicopter. Who wants to go with me?

Number 1 on my bucket list is to go on an African Safari. This would be the exploring kind, not the hunting kind. Not that I’m against responsible hunting- it’s just not my thing. I’ll hunt with my camera instead.

Number 29 on my bucket list would be to swim with dolphins. I have heard of places that allow you to do this. I think this could be an incredible experience, especially if the dolphins would want to interact with me.

Number 86 on my bucket list is to go scuba diving. I have never seriously looked into this, so I don’t know how to start. I’ll probably have to earn some certification classes. I can’t be bothered to start the search just yet. I will do this soon enough.

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know that I love music, especially country music. This is the genre that I was raised on, mostly. When I hear the right song, I’m reminded about growing up in southern Arizona, and I feel more at home.

Bucket list item number 21 is to attend a country music festival in the state of Tennessee. I have been to concerts and even Country to Country in Scotland a few times, but hopefully, once COVID-19 leaves, I can get a friend or two together, and we can take a road trip to some sort of festival. I haven’t done very much research yet, but I look forward to making a plan!