This could fall under the “midlife crisis” category.

You’re most likely sitting at home, scratching your head and wondering when episode 2 of season 2 is coming out. Here’s the deal- I haven’t been traveling a lot lately. I’m still a flight attendant, but life sometimes takes a turn, and at this time, I need to stay on the ground.

I do miss the travel, but I am enjoying a slower pace. With less travel, I have decided to focus on another bucket list item. Today, this dream has finally come true!

If I hadn’t been planning this purchase for quite some time, you’d be allowed to assume that this is a desperate cry for attention. The fact of the matter is this: Anything that I purchase that is of a ‘fun’ and/or ‘shiny’ nature, at my current age, is going to be met with an eye roll and unfair judgment.

It’s not like I’ve purchased a little sports car or traded in a wife for a newer, younger model (as if). I’ve met guys who have spent outrageous amounts of money on hair plugs, jewelry, or even lotions that are supposed to make them look younger. Not me!

Anyway- here is, without a doubt, my latest cry for attention.

Behold: My New Ryker

DavTravels: Season 1, Episode 12

2021.08.15 – 2021.09.16: Work brings me to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- it’s been too long!  Memories of visiting The Pavillion, so many years ago! | On my birthday, I enjoy some ice cream in Austin, Texas! Birthday dinner is an amazing kielbasa at Banger’s! | I end up in Long Beach, California, excited to prepare for my next visit to Hawaii!

Music has always been a massive part of my existence.

I laugh when I hear someone complain about a song being stuck in their head. I ALWAYS have a song stuck in my head! It’s very distracting but enjoyable. When I was brainstorming my bucket list, I knew that live performances would be a big part. I was right! Here is a list of artists I would love to perform live (in person, that is). Some of these were added after the first hundred items were revealed.

1. Beth Hart

2. Dolly Parton

3. Due West (checked- off)

4. Faith Hill (checked- off)

5. Hilary Weeks (checked- off)

6. Jessica Andrews

7. Jo Dee Messina

8. Joe McElderry

9. Joey + Rory Feek (crossed off- Joey Feek passed away)

10. Katie Thompson (in NYC)

11. Linda Eder

12. Mary Chapin Carpenter

13. Reba McEntire (20 times)

14. Trisha Yearwood (checked- off)

15. Ty Herndon

16. Cam (checked- off)

17. Chris Stapleton (checked- off)

18. Eric Church (checked- off)

19. Garth Brooks (checked- off)

20. Holly Williams

21. Jared Mitchell

22. Keith Urban (checked- off)

23. Lady Antebellum (checked- off)

24. Little Big Town (checked- off)

Due West

I went over my bucket list, and I realized that I hadn’t posted the pictures and videos from something I checked off back in 2013. I know what you’re thinking, and yes- I’m a horrible person. Nevertheless- Item 31 on my list is to hear Due West perform live. They are a fantastic country band, and I grew up with Brad Hull in my small town in southeastern Arizona.

I’ll Miss You, Ellen.

Number 36 on the bucket list is to Attend a taping for the Ellen Degeneres show. Since I know now that this isn’t a possibility, i.e., her show isn’t being renewed, I have chosen to cross this off my list. It kind of makes me sad. Perhaps someday, somewhere, I’ll at least get to hear her do standup live? Not sure if this is in her future or what she’ll do from here on out. Time will tell.

Lake Relation

Way up north, in the Yukon, is Watson Lake. If you happen to be at mile marker 635 on the Alaska Highway, you’re there. It was named after Frank Watson, who, according to Wikipedia, was an American-born trapper and prospector. Let’s call this number 150 on my bucket list. Perhaps I’ll swing by while I’m accomplishing bucket list item number 2, which, as you know, is to drive the Alaska Highway. I am currently taking fuel donations.

When is enough, enough?

My bucket list took me more than a year to think up (I believe it took about a year and a half if I recall). I thought 100 items would be a good list. I decided what my passions and dreams were at that time. I’ve spoken with others who managed to think of 10-20 items for their list. Perhaps I’m over the top? Some items on my list are 100% out of my control, some items that are easier to reach, and some items are in-between.

Here’s what happened along the way: Even though I’d revealed 100 items, that didn’t stop me from dreaming. The entire time I’ve been working on accomplishing the things on my list, I hadn’t stopped dreaming. I started to write down more things I wanted to achieve and experience. I am ready to reveal 50 more dreams/ goals that I have added. On the full bucket list, they start with number 101.

Here they are:

  1. Attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival
  2. Visit Auschwitz
  3. See the Austrian Alps
  4. Land at Barra Airport
  5. Visit Barrow, Alaska
  6. Visit Boleskine Graveyard near Inverness, Scotland
  7. √ Hear Cam perform live (accomplished March 9, 2019- see post)
  8. Stay in a castle
  9. Visit 60 different castles in Scotland (see progress)
  10. See the Catacombs in Paris, France
  11. √ Hear Chris Stapleton perform live (accomplished March 13, 2016- see post)
  12. Spend Christmas in Scotland
  13. √ See the Cliffs of Moher (accomplished April 24, 2018- see post)
  14. √ Visit Dingle, Ireland (accomplished April 16, 2018- see post)
  15. Visit Disney World
  16. Buy a season pass to Disneyland
  17. Ride on a dog sled
  18. √ Hear Eric Church perform live (accomplished March 10, 2018- see post)
  19. Visit the Faroe Islands
  20. Hear Garth Brooks perform live (accomplished November 4, 2016- see post)
  21. Visit Glencoe, Scotland
  22. See the Great Wall of China
  23. Visit Greenland
  24. Hear Holly Williams perform live
  25. Go ice skating at Bryant Park in New York City
  26. Spend at least 5 weeks in Ireland
  27. √ Visit Jacques in Copenhagen, Denmark (accomplished April 2016- see post)
  28. Go to Japan
  29. Hear Jared Mitchell perform live
  30. Visit Jasper National Park
  31. Kayak on the ocean
  32. √ Hear Keith Urban perform live (accomplished 03.09.19- see post)
  33. √ See The Kelpies (accomplished 03.22.19- see post)
  34. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  35. √ Hear Lady Antebellum perform live (accomplished March 10, 2019- see post)
  36. √ Hear Little Big Town perform live (accomplished November 15, 2015- see post)
  37. See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City
  38. Go to Maldives
  39. Visit Mt. Rushmore
  40. Visit the Museum of Death in Los Angeles, California
  41. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
  42. Go to the Poop Cafe in Toronto, Canada
  43. Eat a Puffin
  44. See the California Redwoods
  45. Visit Rome
  46. Visit Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, France
  47. See the Swiss Alps
  48. Go on a The Sound of Music tour in Austria
  49. Visit Vatican City
  50. Visit Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory

I have added these 50 to the bottom of the existing list, so if you check out the full list, they will start at number 101.

I’m Obsessed With Human Skulls!

Scratch that- I think skulls are fascinating, however. It’s not that I want to own one or anything like that, but I just think it’s interesting that this was part of a living, breathing human being once upon a time. That bone “housed” someone’s brain, which is part of the essence of an individual. Why is this so fascinating to me?

I have wanted to go into The Paris Catacombs and view those remains for quite a few years now. I was going to do this last year, but then Covid-19 reared its ugly head, and I had to end my holiday early. This has been added to my bucket list.

Storytime: I had a roommate who stole a bone from the catacombs (I’m not even joking), thinking it would be a cool keepsake, and when he brought it home to the states, things started going wrong with his life. I confess that I don’t believe in luck (good or bad). But what this roommate told me is that since he brought it home, so many family and friendly relationships had fallen apart. He was also diagnosed with a medical condition, and the doctors working with him didn’t know what it was!

He heard about my plans and actually asked me to return the human remains to Paris. I told him that even though I was highly skeptical about his story, there was no way I was going to touch that bone with a 10-foot pole. No, thank you!

Who Wants To Road Trip?

My only requirement for a long road trip is either a good friend to talk to or, at the very least, good music playing. This means that I’m relatively easily entertained. The best road trips are ones where I can pull over on a whim for whatever reason (the world’s most giant ball of yarn, largest Paul Bunyan statue, etc.). So who wants to go on a road trip?

One of the trips I’d love to go on is to drive the California coastal highway. I think I’d like to do it from south to north, that way it gets more green as I go. I’d love to start in San Diego and continue driving north after I’m out of California. I think a good place to end up would be somewhere in western Washington.