Happy to share (brag) that I just got back from Costa Rica!

Even though this was a shorter overnight, and I didn’t have much time to explore, I’m still happy to be able to check this overnight location off of my list! I only wish I had more time there. It’s rather annoying that this is one bucket list item that isn’t totally in my control. Usually, one sets achievable goals, and I’ve blogged about this before. Bucket list item number 74 will be fulfilled, more or less, by my employer. The goal is to get an overnight layover at every work location. The reason this may be unattainable is that not all overnights are offered for all of our bases. This means that I may have to get creative and start picking up trips out of some other bases.

When we first arrived last night, it was dark, so I could not see the countryside. The hotel we stay in, however, is lovely! Probably one of the most excellent hotels in the system, in my opinion. That’s saying a lot because my work often spoils me, putting me up in hotels that I would never want to pay for on my own. By myself, I’d be all about the Super 8 or the Motel 6. That’s just how I roll.


As you can see, this Doubletree is nice! They even had Costa Rican Sesame Street for me (which I was very into for some odd reason, not that I enjoy Sesame Street or speak Spanish)!

On the ride to the airport the following day, the sun was out, so I could finally see some of the landscape. It is breathtaking here! And this is what leads me to a problem. Whenever I get the mere taste of a new location, I tend to become a little bit obsessed. Suddenly I must plan a fun trip to Costa Rica. I’ve heard about a company that will come to your hotel, pick you up, take you zip-lining all day, even provide you with a decent lunch on your adventure. All this for somewhere around $85. How cool is that? Will have to do more research, though.

I discovered that my old friend and coworker, Spencer, lives in Costa Rica, about 10 minutes from our hotel. He sent me a message on Facebook and let me know that he’d show me around the next time I’m in town! How cool is this?! Maybe he even has a couch that I can crash on for more extended trips?!

On our flight from San Juan to Houston, we had some of the coolest passengers. Among them was a gal named Molly, who has been a flight attendant with the company for just about 6 months. She was with two of her friends, Kyle and Tyler. We got to chatting in the back of the plane, and I told them that I would require them to take the “True Lime Challenge.” I stoled this idea from Jeremiah and Tamara, two of my awesome coworkers (you guys wanna buddy bid?). True Lime is a lime substitute that is actually made from limes. The creation process causes it to where we’re not bringing fruit across an international border, but our passengers still get lime to put in their drink. Basically, it is powdered, concentrated Lime. So without further ado, here is The True Lime Challenge (I hope you enjoy this as much as I did):

It’s been a great couple of days! Tonight I ended up in Austin, Texas. I want to shout out to my niece Annie and my nephew-in-law Easton who live somewhere in Austin. The only reason I didn’t let you know I was here is because I totally spaced the fact that you live here. Whoops! Next time I’m here, I’ll let you guys know and even take you out to dinner!

Life is good!!