DavTravels: Season 2, Episode 1

Show Notes: Happy 2022! I hope it’s not a dumpster fire! | Exploring the outskirts of #Tucson, #Arizona with #Pip and #Paul, deciding if I want to [officially] move back to Arizona! | I’m back to work after taking all of December off! | #Travel to #SanFrancisco, #California! | You never know what’s going to happen on a work trip- things are always changing, especially if there is weather!

DavTravels: Season 1, Episode 12

2021.08.15 – 2021.09.16: Work brings me to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- it’s been too long!  Memories of visiting The Pavillion, so many years ago! | On my birthday, I enjoy some ice cream in Austin, Texas! Birthday dinner is an amazing kielbasa at Banger’s! | I end up in Long Beach, California, excited to prepare for my next visit to Hawaii!

DavTravels: Season 1, Episode 11

Show Notes:

My quest for dinner in #Columbus, #Ohio at the North Market, bears fruit… or a Polish sausage, at least. Then some of my favorite ice cream! | I end up in #Portland, #Oregon where I get to take a look at the mall, then go on a beautiful hike! | #Tampa, #Florida for a quick overnight and bite to eat at a Waffle House. | Again to the west coast! #Sacramento, #California (home of the million dollar bunny rabbit) and breakfast at Black Bear Diner. Back to #Denver, #Colorado and home to #Tucson, where I take #Reba on a walk in the blazing hot desert!

DavTravels: Season 1, Episode 9

Show Notes: 07.21.21 – 04.28.21 I’m working one flight to Boston and then back to Denver the next day. Then I road trip with Jeff, Dawn, T-bug, and K-bug for Russ and Darrien’s wedding! Then it’s off to Salt Lake City for a quick trip to visit the folks’. Next, I’m back at work where I get a surprise visit from my sister Karen, my niece Annie, and my great-nieces Missie and Pepper (whom I’m meeting for the first time)! This was my first time not only on a PWM overnight, but my first time to experience the state of Maine (bucket list items #74 and #99 are one step closer to being accomplished!

A Light Flight to NYC

“The new normal” is very odd. I think I’ll call it “the current normal” instead. On Saturday, I was assigned to work a turn (that’s where you work a flight away from the base, and then back to base without having a layover/ overnight stay). I worked to New York City and then back to Denver. On the way out, we had 22 passengers (on a plane that holds 175!), most of them were doctors, nurses, or some sort of healthcare. They were all being sent there to help with the virus in the city. The flight home was booked to 17 people, but only 6 showed up.

Today I’m sitting in our inflight lounge, waiting to see if they are going to use me. I’m secretly hoping that they don’t- I’d prefer to just go back to the crashpad and relax. This has nothing to do with the virus- I have decided to not live in fear. I’ll be careful, but if I do catch it, I hope to recover quickly. It’s not just health workers who are considered “essential.” Some of us have to get them to their destination, after all.

On this day, 44 years ago, my parents’ were blessed with their favorite child. Up until this point, they’d had a miscarriage, a stillborn baby called Michelle, and five living disappointments, my siblings.

Fact: My mom tells me that after my brother Matt was born, they’d always felt like they had another child waiting for them. One can conclude, from this information, that I was the only inspired child, and therefore, my siblings are merely part of the baby factory.

I started my day in SeaTac, Washington, in a Doubletree hotel. My 03:00 alarm hurt like a mother. Since today was a workday, I had to drag myself out of bed, shower, and head to the SEA airport. I love walking in the morning, so it was a nice stroll to get to my plane.

Today’s Route: SEA – OAK – SEA – DEN

I just got back to DEN after a great three-day trip. My crew was amazing! I’ve always said that makes all the difference in the world- I was, once again in Omaha the first night and SeaTac the second night, which was my assignment for three out of the four weeks in August.

My coworkers blabbed to the passengers that it was my birthday, and so I have had a day filled with “Happy Birthday” greetings. Even the passenger that I wanted to eject from the plane eventually wished me a great birthday. It made me feel amazing!

I’m at the crashpad tonight and I just had the most amazing ice cream social with roommates! Just like last year, I happened to be here in Colorado today, so Dawn went out and bought a bunch of ice cream for everyone. I was really touched that she would turn this into such a big ordeal! It really makes me feel special!

“I Scream: 9” was a blast- I have already started to receive pictures from friends and family! I can’t wait to put together this year’s slideshow! I plan on posting it here on the first if I have time and can find a decent connection for the upload to YouTube.

Travel Week: 3

My assignment for my two-day trip was to fly from DEN to BOI to MDW, and finally, I was to end up at CVG. I was looking forward to this since I’ve never flown into Cincinnati. Day two was supposed to work two legs back to Denver. This got me to Denver with plenty of time to kill before my 13:40 check-in.

Low and behold, my first leg to Boise had been canceled. They still had me scheduled, however, to fly the rest out of Boise. The only problem: I’m in Denver, not Boise. Sure enough, they fixed my schedule. Instead of working two two-day trips back to back, they changed it into a three-day trip.

Sunday: DEN > GRR

Other than a slight delay, we landed in Grand Rapids without any incident.

Monday: GRR > RIC > BWI > DEN

With all of the delays and reroutes happening this week, I probably had a change to my assignment at least five times. When I woke up, the plan was to go GRR > BWI > MCO > PHL. Coworkers tell me that you should never make plans because once you do, the scheduling gods know, and they end up changing your trip. It’s like a Murphy’s Law thing. I jinxed our day because I was excited to take two of my crew members to get cheesecakes in Philly.

About forty minutes into the flight, we were rerouted to Richmond, Virginia. The result was 141 upset passengers. It would have been good to be finished there for the night, but an hour-and-a-half later, we were on our way to BWI. I reminded the passenger several times that we always try our best to be on time, but safety is our biggest concern. When we finally landed in Baltimore, I walked from the ‘C’ terminal to the ‘B,’ just in time to work the last leg back to Denver- which was the latest change to my assignment.

Both of the crews that I worked with on this two-day trip were just amazing. We had so much fun laughing and joking around with each other. It almost made it worth working a late shift (not quite, but almost). I got back to the crashpad at about 02:30 and was fast asleep about fifteen minutes later.

Tuesday: DEN > FLL

Another change! When I left the crashpad, the assignment was to work two legs to San Jose, California. Instead- I was to work one leg to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This 18+ hour overnight on the beach was just what my soul needed! I was scrolling through my pictures, and then it appears that the last time I was at the beach was back in January.

I stayed at B Ocean Resort-like last time. This is located right on the water. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that the food there is so expensive! I know this is a vacation town thing, but still. Paying thirteen dollars for a waffle on Wednesday morning was a bit much. Not waffles (plural), mind you- one waffle.

After eating, I hit the beach. The hotel has a private beach area where those staying can use one of their beach chairs for free. If you want to fork out some cash, you can upgrade to one covered with a shade. I sat in the sun for about five minutes before deciding it was time to swim in the ocean.

We didn’t even have to head back to the airport until 18:30, so I had almost a full day of relaxation and enjoyment. I only headed back inside when I was starting to turn pink. I didn’t want to get sunburn like I always do.

Wednesday: FLL > BNA > DEN

Wednesday’s workday was very easy, as we only had to work the first of the two legs. The second was just a deadhead back to Denver. It was great to see my friend and coworker Linda, who happened to be working that flight.

Now that I’ve had the mental reset from some beach time, life is good again. Not that life wasn’t good before, but this particular beach visit was just such a welcomed surprise!

NYC 2017: Day 1

09.13.17 | Denver International Airport | 07:10

I love my life so much and so I often I feel guilty that I need a vacation. I guess need is a harsh word. I want a vacation, that is. I would like a brief escape from my everyday, where I won’t have to set an alarm in the morning. I thought that it was time to check off another item on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to spend a week in New York City, as I first mentioned here on December 10th. (Link: https://davsaddiction.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/2189/) As of today, this dream is becoming a reality.

Years ago, I went to New York City for 4 or 5 delays with my friend Colee and her friend Amy. Even though that’s close to a week, I haven’t checked off bucket list item #72. This is because it wasn’t a full week in the city and because we actually stayed on the New Jersey side, taking the Weehawken ferry over each morning.

I arrived at the airport way too early! That’s the thing- if I’m going somewhere that is fun or exciting, I don’t sleep very well. I woke up at 04:00 and after 45 minutes of laying there, I decided it was time to get up and get ready. My flight doesn’t even leave until 10:20. I remember the same thing happened last year when I was going to Scotland. My body woke up so early, long before the sun even came out. My flight wasn’t leaving until about way late in the afternoon but I want to get to the airport. I remember Dawn having to tell me to relax and go back to sleep. There is no way I’d be able to fall back to sleep! Why even try?


I’m having trouble staying awake in the airport. After I get my boarding pass, in another 38 minutes, my mission is clear: Find a Pepsi.

DEN > LGA | 10:54

My seat is 27 C. The girl in 27 A told me that she is an art student on a class trip. There are about 20 students in their group, and they’re going to spend a week in New York City where they will go to different galleries. She told me that she is excited, but a bit nervous about getting around in the city. I told her not to worry and that it’s very easy.

The guy in seat 27 B is a Yogi and he’s making his way to London where he is going to attend University for the next 18 months, this will be his first time flying internationally and he’s also excited. London is wonderful, and he’s going to love it! I’d like to get back there someday. I’m somewhat jealous. At the moment, he’s sitting cross-legged doing some kind of meditation. At least he doesn’t smell like he hasn’t showered. I sometimes worry when the person next to me has dreadlocks. It’s my understanding that you can’t really wash your hair with dreads. Yes or No? Who knows?

I’m watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider on my iPad. I don’t think Angelina Jolie does a very good job with the Lara Croft character. I’m scratching my head wondering what caused me to purchase this movie in the first place. It must have been on sale for like $4.99 or something on the iTunes store. Perhaps I bought it because Daniel Craig is in it. That’s very likely- he’s a great actor!

Jamaica, New York | 18:42

img_8018I finally made it to New York City! After a 50 minutes Lyft ride (that only cost about $32), I’m happy to have found the first Airbnb. The neighborhood is very cozy and homely. It seems rather safe. My studio apartment sits above the family home. It’s small, but more than I need. I will post more tomorrow. It’s early still but I’m extremely exhausted!

Forward to NYC 2017: Day 2