Time to vent a little bit. Tonight I’m trying not to hold a grudge against needy passengers. I’d say 99% of our passengers today were incredibly nice and considerate, but there was that small, 1% that sort of make you want to punch a hole into his or her jaw. Thank goodness I can control my temper, but there were moments today that I really wanted to say something… I did say what needed to be said, but at times I totally understand why Steven Slater flipped out, about 6 years ago. Remember that incident?

The rules to not make me want to smack you on my flight are really quite simple:

  1. Don’t snap your fingers at me like I’m a dog.
  2. I’m not “the help”, so don’t treat me like I am, and don’t talk to me as if I am.
  3. Just because you live in the Los Angeles area, doesn’t mean that the rules don’t apply to you.
  4. Put your [choose your favorite cuss word] phone in airplane mode. If you don’t like the laws or federal regulations, maybe you should go march on Washington and get the law changed. But for now, turn it off or put it in airplane mode.
  5. Five bags are more than the allowed two carry-on bags. If you can’t combine/ consolidate, I will take them from you and you will see them when you get to your final destination at baggage claim.
  6. You’re not the only passenger on the plane. I may have to divide my attention. If I’m already assisting another passenger, don’t bother me with your little insignificant cocktail request. I’ll be back in a moment.

Don’t get me wrong- I do love my job, and I’ve been really lucky to have some awesome, awesome passengers… almost all of the time. Like any customer service job, it has it’s moments where you just know that a full moon is coming soon or something in the universe is out-of-whack.

I do work for the absolute best airline in the world. No exaggeration needed. I’m very blessed to have the best coworkers in the aviation industry! I also feel very safe and secure in my chosen profession, and I know so many friends who can’t say that.

Ok- rant over. I’ve been doing this for just about 11 ½ years and this is as negative as it’s going to get for me. I bounce back fast. I’m going to sleep better tonight, knowing I just got this all off my shoulders. Tomorrow is going to be awesome!