Scotland 5: Day 3
03.03.16 | 08:05 | Fort William Hostel
I seemed to have developed a little bit of a cough throughout the night. Since I’m in a hostel, staying in a shared room, this could be the human equivalent to kennel cough. It was a bit drafty and rainy when I walked to town last night. Let’s hope that they have an pharmacy in town where I can buy whatever the Scottish version of Emergen-C is. So far today looks like it’s going to be a sunny day! I’ll have to take advantage of this fact!
11:31I left the hostel this morning and found a rather large grocery store called Morrisons and picked up some things. It turns out that the Scottish version of Emergen-C is… Emergen-C. Who knew that this was a global phenomenon?! The stuff seems to work for me back in the states, so I think I’ll take it for the rest of the trip since it is early March and all. I was able to pick up some lemon and ginger tea bags.Let’s discuss a small part of my belief system: I believe in herbal teas- it must be herbal though. No black, green, white or red tea (which all come from the same tea leaf, or this is what I’ve been told) but just the kind that comes from all natural herbs. Many people in Scotland refer to these as herbal infusions, because there is really no tea leaf involved. I know that for something to be considered “organic” in the United Kingdom, it must me a far higher standard than the organic products back in the states. I can’t think of a better place to buy herbal tea than in a country that is filled with tea snobs!

I walked down high street, which is the main street in town, looking for some breakfast. On my way, I noticed a familiar Scottish jewelry store called Traditions Of Scotland. This is the store where I’d bought a ring from, back in 2011- only in Edinburgh. I remember this was on The Royal Mile. In 2014, while visiting Sydney, Australia, I accidentally gave it to a homeless man. He wanted change and so I pulled out a whole pocket-full and handed it to him. When I’d walked a few blocks away, I rememberd that I’d put my ring from Edinburgh in that pocket. I went back to find the man, but he was long gone. I hope he’s enjoying his ring.

So I walk in to Traditions Of Scotland, and am greeted by a very friendly shop owner named Hugh, and his new worker Joyce, who has been employed there for about a week (shout-out to Hugh and Joyce). When I took a look at their men’s rings, I saw the one I’d lost (well, not the exact one. That one is being worn by a homeless man in Australia now). As luck would have it, it was the same price that it had been 5 years ago (don’t ask me why I remember this fact)! I found the size that fit my finger and voila!



Breakfast was another traditional Scottish, but they didn’t have black pudding on the menu, so I didn’t have to turn up my nose at it. This time the restaurant is called The Hot Roast Company. It was so much better than my breakfast experience in Glasgow yesterday morning. In contrast, yesterday’s tasted like it may have been reheated in a microwave.


After breakfast, I walked around the town and then along Loch Linnhe for a few minutes. Such a scenic area! Now I’m feeling the need for a bit of a cat nap. Sleep last night wasn’t the best, with my coughing and one of my hostel mates snoring a bit. On my walk, I remembered that I should probably purchase a scarf somewhere. I went into one of the shops and unfortunately, they didn’t have at of my surname tartans in stock, but the saleswoman looked in a book about Scottish clans and she told me that ‘Buchanan’, ‘Forbes’, and my ancestors are all adjoined clans. I had to purchase both because I really didn’t want to offend any fellow clansmen.



After a walk, I ended up back at the hostel and decided it was time to take a nap. I laid down and slept for about 3 hours! That is horrible! Not sure how are if this will affect my sleep later tonight. Hopefully I’m still tired enough.

Dinner was at a restaurant called Cafe’ Mango. Since I woke up from the nap, I have been craving some good curry. I ordered the lamb tiki. Dessert was this awesome little dish called Gulab Jaman. It tasted like bread and when I cut into it with my fork, it was moist with what tasted like honey. They fry it and put cream on top. It was brilliant!


It’s cold tonight, but not as cold as it was last night. I walked around the town for a few more minutes and then headed back to the grocery store to find chocolate. I have decided that I need a daily chocolate. The goal is to simply find some kind of chocolate that I’ve never seen in the states. There’s oh so many to choose from here! Tonight’s offering is Milk Chocolate Ovals. I wonder if their marketing department had trouble coming up with his name.


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