Scotland 4: Day 21

4.17.11 | Kirkwall, Scotland | 17:17

Today was a good Sunday. I started the day walking around Kirkwall while listening to podcasts. Breakfast was a sugar donuts filled with custard. Back to the hostel- downloaded/listened to more podcasts. It’s a bit more difficult getting that “Sunday” feeling when I’m out and about, especially when I don’t attend church.


Lunch today was pasta in a pub (speaking of honoring the Sabbath day), and this afternoon I hung out with a gal named Erin. She is a university student in Edinburgh who hopes to get the funds to start doing her Ph.D. next year. She’ll be studying some of the folk tales of Scottish and Norwegian heritage. I’m not sure what her goal is there, but she plans on spending a lot of time on Orkney and Shetland in libraries and talking to locals.

Erin and I went to dinner tonight. We went back to ‘Buster’s,’ the place I’d eaten the other day. We had the curry, it was pretty good. Tonight I spent time coughing up a lung while playing games on my iPad. To be honest, my cough is a lot better than it was yesterday. Hopefully, it will be gone soon. I’m going to explore tomorrow. Rain or shine… coughing or breathing fine. Whatever.