Scotland 7: Day 5

03.06.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:27

This was another rainy morning in Edinburgh. This is not me complaining, this is me telling you that I used this reason to do some laundry, instead of running out. One of wonderful things abou this flat is that it has a washing machine. One of the bad things about this flat is that it doesn’t have a dryer. That means that I will either have to walk my wet clothes to a nearby laundromat, or just hang everything out to air dry.

Rather than eat a full breakfast or lunch, I’m munching on some cookies and drinking lots of herbal tea. I’m saving my appetite for tonight. I have made reservations (once again) at The Witchery. I’ve talked about this place in year past (link: my visits to The Witchery). All these wonderful dining experiences wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for my friend/coworker Gwen.

I decided to take a walk through Prince’s Street Gardens, which is just down from the castle and is pretty much the dividing line between Old Town and New Town. There is an amazing cemetery, right near, that I have explored in years past. I didn’t take the time to visit it this time, but will hopefully find the time before the end of this adventure.

Throughout my travels, I have heard stories where Americans have been looked down upon, for just being Americans. I remember before James and I went to France and Germany, back in 2000, I was warned by a friend that I should tell everyone I was from Canada or they’d be rude to me, especially on Paris.

I ignored this advice and had nothing but kind and caring interactions with all those who I had met. I was never ashamed of where I was from and if someone has a problem, that’s their problem and not mine. I’ve never felt this cold shoulder that I’d been warned about.

That is, until today: I’m standing in line at the Starbuck’s, waiting to order a hot chocolate. I notice the girl in line behind me has wet pants. I make no assumptions as to why her crotch is wet, she probably sat in something by mistake. I hear her American, or possibly Canadian accent so I ask her where she’s from. She tells me Ontario, Canada.

I smile and say, “Oh, we’re neighbors! I’m from the states!”

She rolls her eyes, chooses a condescending tone, and responds, “I would hate for anyone to find out I live next to America! How embarrassing!”

I respond, my tone just as cold as hers had been, “Looks like you pissed your pants! How embarrassing!”

One tradition that I was able to follow through with was going to get my dinner at The Witchery. If you’d stalked me for long, you’ll know that this is the most amazing place to eat in the city. A bit pricy, yes, but well worth it to have a fancy night out!

Scotland 5: Day 33

04.02.16 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 10:10

I was finally able to walk up Calton Hill this morning. It’s a great little hike, and much easier than Arthur’s Seat. I lucked out- there weren’t any tourists lurking about and I more-or-less had the entire hill to myself! It was quite nice!


Tonight I went to dinner at The Witchery. I first found out about this restaurant from my friend and coworker, Gwen (a BWI-based customer service agent for Southwest Airlines: Shout out to Gwen!), years ago when she had just returned from a trip to Scotland and heard of my plans to go back. She told me I had to check out this restaurant, so I did. This is now one of my favorite Edinburgh traditions.


The restaurant is located toward the top of The Royal Mile, I believe it’s the third building down the south side of the street from the castle. It is a bit on the expensive side, but the ambiance is worth it, even just once during a visit.







Scotland 4: Day 8

04.04.11 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 12:59

I woke up pretty early this morning and wanted breakfast but didn’t want to go alone. Since I’d made friends with a 19-year-old Swiss guy, who was sleeping in the bunk above me, I decided to wake him up and take him with me to find food. He wasn’t into breakfast like me, so we ended up at a Starbucks. So breakfast was a hot chocolate and a muffin for me. Swiss boy got a double espresso shot and an almond pastry. We headed back to the hostel.


It’s quite windy and rainy today, so it took a while for me to build up the courage to go out. I wanted to go look at some souvenir shops and run around for a bit. Then it was time to grab some lunch. I went to a pub/restaurant called Whiski. I had this dish that was goat cheese on top of bread, topped with a chutney jelly. Then I had a side salad. It was very delicious!


At the moment I’m waiting for the front desk to send me a new towel because the cleaning person took mine. Rude! Once he does, I’ll run and take a shower. I think I need a nap.


I had the most awesome dinner tonight! My friend Gwen (a Southwest Airlines customer service from Baltimore) came to Scotland last year, and she told me about a restaurant called “The Witchery.” She talked it up, and so I thought I’d get dressed up and give it a try. OH, MY COW! It was by far the best meal I’ve had on the trip up to this point.

The decor is as if you’re stepping back in time. I’m not sure what style or period but has such character. I don’t drink alcohol, but this restaurant apparently has one of the best wine selections in all of Scotland. That may impress some you, at least.



I just got back from seeing a movie called Source Code– it was terrific! It made me think… and thinking is always a good thing. Now I’m sitting around, charging my iPad, and waiting for podcasts to download. The signal at this hostel isn’t very strong, and there are about 9 people trying to use it at the same time.