Scotland 5: Day 33

04.02.16 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 10:10

I was finally able to walk up Calton Hill this morning. It’s a great little hike, and much easier than Arthur’s Seat. I lucked out- there weren’t any tourists lurking about and I more-or-less had the entire hill to myself! It was quite nice!


Tonight I went to dinner at The Witchery. I first found out about this restaurant from my friend and coworker, Gwen (a BWI-based customer service agent for Southwest Airlines: Shout out to Gwen!), years ago when she had just returned from a trip to Scotland and heard of my plans to go back. She told me I had to check out this restaurant, so I did. This is now one of my favorite Edinburgh traditions.


The restaurant is located toward the top of The Royal Mile, I believe it’s the third building down the south side of the street from the castle. It is a bit on the expensive side, but the ambiance is worth it, even just once during a visit.







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