Scotland 5: Day 32

04.01.16 | Edinburgh Hostel | 08:07

I’ve been laying in bed, thinking about what I want to do today. I haven’t started up to Arthur’s Seat yet because it’s raining at the moment. There are parts of the climb that are perhaps too dangerous if you add water to the mix. Some slick rock and mud, things like that. Then again, there probably won’t be a whole lot of people up the- I’m tempted to have a go.

Actually, I think this morning’s focus is going to be breakfast and then laundry. I’m on my last clean shirt, so it’s time. I have some letters to write and send anyway. Maybe I can find a museum or some other indoor activity for later. Stay tuned.


I decided to walk the Royal Mile and just take pictures. Some of these pictures may seem dumb to you, but I took them for a reason. I took a picture of many of the ‘Close’ signs because I want to go back and see if there is anything about them on the internet- like so-and-so died here or this-or-that happened to whats-his-face. Then some of these pictures I thought were simply beautiful! I do love this city.

The pictures stop, just before I get to the top of the Royal Mile. This is because the wind start to kick up and I became very cold, having left my scarf back at the hostel. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take continue up the mile, taking more pictures, or perhaps I’ll go back to the bottom and work my way up the other side of the street. I’m going to wait to see what the weather is going before I make any decisions, however.


04.02.16 | 01:35

I found a dance club. Yes, I danced. This is amazing because I don’t dance. No alcohol even needed! I’m so blessed to have been raised in such a home where I know I don’t need alcohol (or drugs for that matter) to have a good time! I’m naturally high on life.

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