A Gal Named Suzy

Tonight I ended up in San Antonio, Texas. This morning I started a three-day trip with a gal named Suzy, one of our newest flight attendants. She commutes out of Phoenix, and when I found this out, I told her that I grew up in Thatcher, Arizona (about three hours southeast of Phoenix). Usually, when I tell people this, the next question is: Where is Thatcher?

Not only does Suzy know where Thatcher is, but she said she’s originally from Snowflake, Arizona (if Thatcher had a twin or sister city, it would no doubt be Snowflake). I told her that I love Snowflake and had many friends from that area. I mentioned that one of my very best friends, Marcus Ellsworth is also from there. Her eyes grew big, and she told me that not only did she know Marcus, but that her family is close with his family.

We start to talk about Thatcher, and she mentions that her older sister Heidi went to Eastern Arizona College (the local community college that I also attended and my dad taught at for years and years). Now my eyes grow big- Heidi used to date my brother Matt. Suzy remembered Matt! Now we’re both laughing and pretty much freaking out on the jump seat.

I love when I discover one of these connections! I’ve heard people say that we’re all connected by six degrees or less, but since I left the state of Arizona, these connections have been so rare that when it happens, I almost get tears in my eyes. Are these occurrences merely happenstance, or do you see the hand of God? I do believe in coincidence- however, I feel that too many things are dismissed as just that- mere coincidence. I’ve always felt like something needs to be shared or learned from each and every person that we interact with in life. What do you think? Mere coincidence or divine intervention?

Today I’m in St Louis, Missouri. I’m happy to announce that I have eaten at yet another Waffle House! Waffle House #307! This brings me to a current total of 12 different Waffle Houses (that I can recall), and I’m well on my way to eating at 100 different locations! This particular one was the busiest one I’ve been to, so far. I actually had to sit and wait for a table… sheesh!


My sister Melanie and her husband Pete are visiting Utah for a few days. Their son Doug is graduating from college in a few days and so they’ve come to visit with the family. Since my parents won’t be home until 17:00 tonight, Pete and Mel came to visit me- their first visit to the house. I told them when the arrived that we were going to play a fun game. This game is called Pretend Dav’s House is Clean.  It’s a fun game and anybody who comes to visit me on short notice gets to play it! Actually, had I not just gotten home yesterday, I would have had more time to clean. They understood. After a brief visit, we drove into town and had Mexican food for lunch. It was so good, but the company was even better!


I had to wake up very early this morning to take some of my crashpad roommates to the airport. I thought I’d take advantage of the fact that I was out and about and ran to Walmart to grab Reba’s new album. I would have grabbed it yesterday when it was released, but I didn’t have vehicle access. Plus I didn’t feel up to walking this far. Without any further ado, here’s41-secondond video for you.

Easter Sunday (yesterday) was a pretty fun day because I got to hang out with some family at my parents’ place up in Liberty, Utah. My sister Lori and her husband Scott happened to be in town so we had a great little reunion, even though so much of the family couldn’t be there. I snapped some pictures of my family.

img_3463My brother surprised us by bringing some “cookies” that he made for everyone. The joke was that he actually frosted some breakfast sausage patties as a joke. A few family member took a big bite, many spitting the treat out into the trash. My dad, however, liked the taste.

My sister Melanie reminded me a couple weeks ago that I hadn’t updated the blog in awhile. Perhaps it’s time for me to check in. Today I worked with only half of a cylinder. This is what is also called zombie-mode. I am so tired that my head aches. Last night I was in Atlanta and was not able to fall asleep and then having my alarm wake me at 04:30. At first, I think I had too much on my mind- thinking about things I need to be doing and things I want to be doing. I have started to plan my next trip to Scotland and even though it’s about a year away. I’m already getting excited. You know when one of those lap dogs gets so excited that it has to pee? That is my current status.

Today I’m thankful for the gift of forgiveness and healing… I’m not focusing on myself being forgiven right now (which I’m also grateful for), but that I’ve been able to forgive a coworker for the most part after almost 8 months, I’m ready to move on. Many flight attendants have what we call a “No Fly List”. This is simply a list of crew members that we would rather avoid working with, if humanly possible. I worked with this certain person this past summer and at the end of that three-day trip, I really wanted NOTHING to do with him ever again. I won’t post any specific details, but just understand that I really thought he should have been committed to an insane asylum somewhere- I’m totally not exaggerating either.

We were recently assigned a work trip together, once again, and I feel that I am so blessed that we were both able to say hello, shake hands and work together without any problems or friction from our past. There’s so much more to this story and if I told you all of the details, you’d most likely agree with my original decision to avoid working with him ever again. No, he’s not my favorite person in the world, but now I know that I don’t have to give him the power to change my day.

Speaking of Atlanta, I had dinner last night at yet another Waffle House. It’s the small victories that feel so good. As you may (or may not) know, number 100 on my bucket list is to eat at 100 different Waffle Houses. Last night, I found one in College Park, Georgia, near our ATL overnight hotel. This is Waffle House #105, and the 11th location that I’ve visited so far. That’s 11 down and only 89 to go!

At the moment, I’m working a flight from New York City to Denver. Most of the passengers are fast asleep, so it’s nice and quiet! I’m looking forward to having 4 days off starting tomorrow. The plan is to be lazy, spend time with the old folks, watch General Conference, and get some things done around the house.