The bad news: I threw up six times on this last work trip.

The good news: I’m not pregnant- also, after getting it all out of me, my stomach ache immediately went away. Now I just have to deal with the “squirts,” as I call them. This is what happens when I eat too much junk food. It’s the Christmas season! Passengers constantly bring me things. I’m very thankful, but this is what did me in. Throughout the night, I had to rush back and forth to the restroom, meaning I didn’t get much, if any, sleep. Soon, I was up preparing for my work trip.

The drive to the airport was very annoying. I usually do about 85 mph on the toll road, but since we had a big ole snowstorm last night, I think I maxed out at about 50. Thankfully, the other drivers were alert, and there was no slipping or sliding for two of my crashpad roommates and me. Michaela googled the temperature- with the wind chill factor, it was -6 Fahrenheit! This is the reason I’m so thankful for this next part.

More good news: I only had to work one leg on the first day! Then I found myself relaxing in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. This is my first time here! Another step to fulfill bucket list item number 74 is to have an overnight at every work location.

By the time we landed, I was pretty weak. It’s incredible how much energy you lose from tossing your salad all night long. The crew went to the lunch buffet, and I went straight to take a nap. I was worried that I wouldn’t fall asleep since I was so excited to be in Mexico. I fell asleep very fast, however. The buffet was closed for the afternoon when I woke up, so I crossed the street to a fish restaurant and ordered some fish and chips. The fried food wasn’t the best for my stomach because I seriously considered going to the restroom to purge. I ended up keeping it down, however.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the grounds of the all-inclusive resort where we stay. It was terrific, and I felt so spoiled. I didn’t want to venture out too far since this was my first time there, and there was some kind of drug-related hangings in the news lately. Plus, it was probably wise for me to stay closer to a restroom if you get my drift. Later, dinner was with my awesome coworkers, Deborah and Lome. We had such a fun chat! Since this was Christmas Eve, they really made it feel more like I was with family.

Day two of this trip was one leg to Los Angeles. We were done with our day by about 10:30, so we checked in to the hotel, rested for a bit, then met downstairs for lunch. We all ordered personal pizzas from the hotel restaurant since we weren’t sure which restaurants would be open if we would have ventured out.

Afterward, we went to see the movie Coco together. This is the second time I’ve seen this new Disney, and both times I got tears in my eyes. I didn’t outwardly cry since I was with the girls and had to hold my ultra-macho status, but I wanted to. This movie has such a great message! It also teaches the importance of families and shows you what the Mexican tradition Dia De Los Muertes is all about.

Again, the three of us had a meal together (it’s rare that this happens more than once on a three-day trip, but this was our third meal!). The meal wasn’t the best (the service was horrible, for the most part), but it was, once again, delightful company.

The following day, I got a text from Lome. She said she’d been sick and throwing up all night- it seemed to be food poisoning, possibly from the seaweed salad that she’d ordered for her dinner. When I checked with her last, she was on her way to see a complaint doctor; still, I’m hoping she heals fast! What a horrible way to end such a perfect trip! It was bad enough that she had to call my work’s scheduling department to be replaced on the trip, so Deborah and I were forced to work our last two legs with other flight attendants.

Tonight I’m in Los Angeles where it feels like Christmas. The temperature is in the upper-50s and a light wind is blowing off of the Pacific Ocean. Sepulveda Blvd is somewhat lit with Christmas lights, and I just walked back from grabbing an early dinner at Panera Bread, and stopped at Trader Joe’s (where I picked up some Italian butter cookies and a carton of chocolate almond milk. I’m not anti-cow, but this stuff is so good! I never realized you could milk an almond!).

It’s time for a Christmas movie. Tonight will be my very favorite version of A Christmas Carol. This is Disney’s animated version, starring Jim Carrey. If you haven’t this version yet, I highly recommend that you do! Not only is the animation amazing, but the musical score is just the best! If you’re into music, make sure you pay attention to the score, even when it is just in the background. It gives me chills every time I watch it!

Tonight I’m thankful for my new friend Cindi. I have worked with her before, and she is also a fellow Utahn. I saw her waiting in line for my same commute flight in Salt Lake City last night and was pleased to learn that she’d traded into the work trip that I was already on. She is definitely becoming a great friend, inasmuch as I probably shared entirely too much information with her on the jumpseat. I love the person she is, and I love her faith.

Yesterday morning I woke up in Newark, New Jersey.

Since Kerri, my crewmate (and fellow Utah commuter), hadn’t ever been to New York City, I felt that we needed to spend the morning in Manhattan- she agreed. We met down in the hotel lobby at 06:15 and got a Lyft all the way in the city to Ground Zero. New York City is so much fun, especially when experiencing it with someone who has never been. I’m by no means an excellent tour guide, and I don’t know tons, but I have been to the city quite a few times, and we were able to see some incredible things. I only wish we’d have had more time.


It was a cold (but not freezing) morning! I’m surprised that Kerri didn’t require a heavier jacket![/caption]

A marijuana delivery service! How convenient and disturbing!

Ground Zero

Not only was it Kerri’s first time in the city, but it was her first subway ride!

Breakfast at Bubby’s!

Bubby’s art

I love the eclectic feeling of this restaurant!

Hungry tourists!

Bubby’s heard my complaints (and the complaints of others) and brought back their sourdough pancakes!

We decided we were cold enough to swing by an H&M to buy gloves- and a new scarf for myself!

At the M&M store on time square- we decided to get some customized M&Ms for Tim, our other crewmate who couldn’t come with us due to a friend’s emergency. The chosen messages: Fly SWA, NYC 2018, and TimSUX.

The Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center

I need a mop bunny from H&M!

Grand Central Station

Kerri craved salty!


Shout-out to my new friend, Kim!

Kim was a passenger on one of my flights this morning. I asked her if she was going home or on vacation- she told me that she was going on vacation to Fort Lauderdale, but that it was also like going home because she has family down there. I told her I was saving up for my own vacation- when I told her I was getting ready for Scotland, she told me that she used to live there when her husband was based there in the military.

Small world! She asked me if I knew where Thurso was, and I told her I did and that I’d actually been there a couple of times. She told me that her home was in Scrabster, one place I’d also been (this is where you can get on a ferry up to Orkney and Shetland)- it was exciting to see her light up as we talked about this place that we both love and miss. I gave her my URL as she said she wanted to follow my travels and looked forward to my upcoming Scotland posts.

This morning I woke up in Indianapolis, Indiana. While I had some time to venture out from the hotel, I only made it as far as a nearby T.G.I. Friday’s. I would have liked to head to the mall to find a scarf, but it was just too cold when I walked outside after having finished my dinner. I ended up going back to my room and watching something on television while eating a few cookies that I’d bought at the hotel front desk.


The Christmas tree at the Indianapolis airport

Tonight I’m back at the crashpad. I just got back from visiting the Festival of Lights in downtown Brighton. I went with Dawn, Tatum, and Emily- we had a fun night! One of the highlights of the night was seeing that the people of Brighton don’t live in the P.S. world that has been created. There were quite a few floats reminding us that Jesus is the reason, one even with the sign, “Keep Christ In Christmas!” It was very refreshing!

Tonight I’m in Nashville, Tennessee!


IMG_0070We landed just afternoon, and even though I was tired from not having slept very well last night in the crashpad, I knew that if I took a nap, it would throw off tonight’s sleep as well. I forced myself into regular-person clothes and walked the three blocks to Broadway (tourist area) and had Jack’s Bar-B-Que for lunch. This delicious gluttony meant that a nap was definitely needed. I walked back to the hotel and took a three-hour snooze.

If I’d had any energy whatsoever, I probably could have done Nashville proper. Now I’m wide awake- wishing I’d called my old friend Shannon who lives somewhere near Nashville. It would be a blast to go sing karaoke, but the alarm is set for 03:10 (that’s gonna hurt tomorrow- just over 7 hours from now.)! Instead, I just went down to the front desk and bought some popcorn and chips. I think I’ll have a wee snack and read in bed. Reading usually helps me to fall back to sleep.

Yesterday morning I woke up in Clackamas, Oregon.

It was a good day. I don’t eat breakfast as often as I should, but today I sat down to a “Northwest Scramble,” scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and capers. It was delicious and fitting for Oregon.

I was in a Christmasy mood. This is perhaps because my friend and coworker Hobe was singing one Christmas song after another on the jumpseat the day before. I joined in on some of them. I even helped out as she fumbled her way through The Twelve Days of Christmas.

As luck would have it, there was a Christmas movie playing at the cinema across the street from our overnight hotel. I texted Hobe, and she joined me about half an hour later. We went to see The Man Who Invented Christmas- a brilliant but possibly fictional movie about making Charles Dickins A Christmas Carol.

I highly recommend seeing this if you have the opportunity. It definitely helped me to feel the Christmas spirit! I love the fact that there wasn’t any trash in it either. One for the whole family- well, it may be a bit slow for younger kids.


Afterward, we ate some sushi, which I try to do when I’m in town. It was Hobe’s first time there, but neither of us had much of an appetite. I usually do a lot more damage.


Today I’m enjoying a day off at the crashpad before tomorrow’s trip. So far, I’ve watched a movie and eaten about four handfuls of peanut M&Ms l- so I’m feeling this great sense of accomplishment. I think Dawn is making chili for dinner.

I recently got a new phone (Christmas gift to myself) and I wanted to go out and test the camera. As I suspected, the pictures look better on the phone than they do on my computer screen. Still, I think the quality is good enough that I don’t feel like I have to travel with a separate camera (even for bigger trips like Scotland). I decided to make a new game… well, maybe “game” isn’t the right word… a new activity. Today was the first attempt, and I think this will be a good excuse to explore more of the cities that I end up in while at work. I’m going to title this activity “100 Steps” and here are the rules:

1. Decide on a destination or goal. This can be a famous landmark, a certain amount of miles, or anything really.
2. Step out of my hotel.
3. Walk toward the goal/destination.
4. Within 100 Steps or less, I have to take a picture.
5. Post the pictures and the stories here.

Today’s goal was to go to Jim’s Steaks, one of the really great cheesesteak restaurants in this area. Many people swear they love this one the best, or they love another one better, but this is a great one that is pretty close to where I’m staying. Here I am in the historic district of Philly- I could practically hit Benjamin Franklin’s headstone from my hotel, not that I would want to. I didn’t even know the guy.

When I stepped out of the hotel, I felt the cold! It was in the upper-40s, and I was in shorts, sandals, and a short-sleeved shirt. Not my finest moment. I decided that rather than go back up to my room and change, I’d just try to walk faster than I normally do. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea for the <100 Steps thingy I was doing. Oh well, it was a wonderful walk!


After this delicious lunch, I stopped by Starbucks for some herbal tea. I sat in the window to watch people pass by for about 10 minutes, then realized I needed to get back to the hotel to do some laundry. This is a great city. Next time I’m here, I’ll have to pick a different destination.


Happy to share (brag) that I just got back from Costa Rica!

Even though this was a shorter overnight, and I didn’t have much time to explore, I’m still happy to be able to check this overnight location off of my list! I only wish I had more time there. It’s rather annoying that this is one bucket list item that isn’t totally in my control. Usually, one sets achievable goals, and I’ve blogged about this before. Bucket list item number 74 will be fulfilled, more or less, by my employer. The goal is to get an overnight layover at every work location. The reason this may be unattainable is that not all overnights are offered for all of our bases. This means that I may have to get creative and start picking up trips out of some other bases.

When we first arrived last night, it was dark, so I could not see the countryside. The hotel we stay in, however, is lovely! Probably one of the most excellent hotels in the system, in my opinion. That’s saying a lot because my work often spoils me, putting me up in hotels that I would never want to pay for on my own. By myself, I’d be all about the Super 8 or the Motel 6. That’s just how I roll.


As you can see, this Doubletree is nice! They even had Costa Rican Sesame Street for me (which I was very into for some odd reason, not that I enjoy Sesame Street or speak Spanish)!

On the ride to the airport the following day, the sun was out, so I could finally see some of the landscape. It is breathtaking here! And this is what leads me to a problem. Whenever I get the mere taste of a new location, I tend to become a little bit obsessed. Suddenly I must plan a fun trip to Costa Rica. I’ve heard about a company that will come to your hotel, pick you up, take you zip-lining all day, even provide you with a decent lunch on your adventure. All this for somewhere around $85. How cool is that? Will have to do more research, though.

I discovered that my old friend and coworker, Spencer, lives in Costa Rica, about 10 minutes from our hotel. He sent me a message on Facebook and let me know that he’d show me around the next time I’m in town! How cool is this?! Maybe he even has a couch that I can crash on for more extended trips?!

On our flight from San Juan to Houston, we had some of the coolest passengers. Among them was a gal named Molly, who has been a flight attendant with the company for just about 6 months. She was with two of her friends, Kyle and Tyler. We got to chatting in the back of the plane, and I told them that I would require them to take the “True Lime Challenge.” I stoled this idea from Jeremiah and Tamara, two of my awesome coworkers (you guys wanna buddy bid?). True Lime is a lime substitute that is actually made from limes. The creation process causes it to where we’re not bringing fruit across an international border, but our passengers still get lime to put in their drink. Basically, it is powdered, concentrated Lime. So without further ado, here is The True Lime Challenge (I hope you enjoy this as much as I did):

It’s been a great couple of days! Tonight I ended up in Austin, Texas. I want to shout out to my niece Annie and my nephew-in-law Easton who live somewhere in Austin. The only reason I didn’t let you know I was here is because I totally spaced the fact that you live here. Whoops! Next time I’m here, I’ll let you guys know and even take you out to dinner!

Life is good!!