Today was my annual recurrent training- a day where I am required to sit in a classroom for eight hours to recertify as a flight attendant. Although this day is more relaxed than initial training had been sixteen years ago, I still find it rather stressful. I know this is mostly head games, though.

Most every aspect of this training is a review, but that doesn’t make things any better in my mind. You are required to go through a few scenarios of things that can happen onboard. Even though I’ve never failed, there is always that thought that I may. I’m there in front of my coworkers, after all.

I am thankful that I made it through! I have thoroughly enjoyed this career, and I hope to keep flying for years to come!

I guess it’s time to give you an update. I am happy, excited, and nervous that starting next month, I will be taking up to a year off (the extended time off that I mentioned in my last post). This time off will free me up so that I can help a friend out who is going through some very serious health issues.

I hope that I can get back to Scotland during this time, but I’m not sure what I’ll be able to afford. I will have a smaller income- but perhaps I can find some sort of side-gig. Maybe some more time driving for Lyft? The next 12 months should be exciting because that is what I sometimes feel about the unknown. There is a chance that they may call me back to work before the end. You will know as soon as I do.