I’m very stoked to be working with my dear friend Michelle on this three-day trip. This afternoon, we ended up in Charleston, South Carolina. Upon arriving, I called my dad to tell him I was in his home state. He told me that I needed to rent a car, drive to our family land (about 2 hours and 20 minutes one way), and mow the lawn. I told him that I didn’t see that happening but that he is more than welcome to board a plane in Salt Lake City, fly to South Carolina, rent a car, and mow it himself.

I just got back from a delicious meal with Michelle and our other coworker Kerin. I opted for a burger that was topped with a fried egg (I probably eat too many burgers and should really slow down), Michelle had the salmon, and Kerin had some sort of grilled cheese, chicken sandwich. We all enjoyed our meals, but Kerin wished she would have ordered the burger like me.