screen-shot-2016-01-29-at-01-58-33I will not advise you that you need to watch the movie In Bruges. If I were to do this, you would no doubt think less of me. The movie is filled with the absolute┬ámost foul language and a so much violence. The characters in this movie give no care for a human life. Truth be told, I haven’t seen very many movies this violent or vulgar. It definitely earned the ‘R’ rating that it received.

I also need to say that this is an excellent movie! I think this is so because of witty dialogue, brilliant acting, and my favorite part is the location. Bruges looks to be a very beautiful town. Check out the image search on Google. My brother-in-law Joe told me that he has been there and I’m a little bit jealous of this fact. Therefore, coming in at number 10 on my bucket list is to go to Bruges.