Scotland 7: Day 17

03.18.19 | Oban, Scotland | 13:30

When my alarm went off at 07:00, I stood up, got ready, and left the pod. I wanted to get the first ferry back to Mull. Iona is a pretty island! I wish I had more time to explore it, not that there’s a whole lot to see and do there. But it’s sometimes a good thing to step back and just relax. This is definitely a possibility on Iona because not only was there no access to the internet, it was nearly impossible to get a cell phone signal. This is my definition of “roughing it”. 

It amazes me how hard it is to slow down. I have certainly become programmed. Especially at night- the first thing I do when I lay down on the bed: Look at my phone. This isn’t even an option for me on Iona. Maybe this is a sign that I do need to reserve those times or those days where I can just turn off my phone and relax. 

I’m back in Oban now, and I just got back from Nories, a local fish & chip restaurant. On Iona, I had only eaten peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches for the last two days. It sort of reminded me of college days, or when I first starting working as a flight attendant. PBJ and ramen noodles, just about every single day.

Tonight I went to the Oban Phoenix Cinema saw A Private War. Definitely not a typical “feel good” kind of movie! It is a true story about a woman whose life’s work was reporting in war-torn areas of the world. She had such a strong desire to be IN the action going on, many times risking her own life. It was a sad film, but defintiely worth seeing, in my opnion.

Scotland 7: Day 16

03.17.19 | Iona, Scotland | 08:09

Aside from the fact that the bed is not the most comfortable, I had a pretty decent night’s sleep- as it turns out, I was worried about nothing. From the moment I got a message from the owner, I’d been stressing a bit. I woke up at about 07:00- it’s a perfect Sunday! I think I will hang out for a bit so I can see what the weather wants to do.

Today was a ton of walking! Since Iona is only three miles long, by one mile wide, I was able to see so much fo the wee island. The island is where St. Columba built his abbey, back around 563 a.d. [see info on Wikipedia- scroll down to heading Scotland].

My Neighbors
Selfie with an Iona beach in the background
A Hairy Coo
A Hairy Coo

Scotland 7: Day 15

03.16.19 | Iona Pod | 16:34

The trip to Iona was incredibly beautiful! I boarded a bus in Tobermory and had to switch to another bus in Craignure. Then came the part of the trip where we drove the non-existent town of Torosay. The reason I bring this up is that this is one of the places that my ancestors came from. The town doesn’t really exist anymore, but my bus driver, a local, knew exactly where it was. There are still families in the area with the surnames of my ancestors. Sadly I’m just passing through. My aunt Pam asked me to take the time to search for “our people” wherever the keep the records. I’m guessing that would be back in Tobermory, but not sure. That search will have to be another trip, another year.

I finally shot some video… hope you enjoy!

The “pod” that I’m staying in is very, very small. There’s not room for much more than two beds and a shelf. The restroom/shower is at the family’s house- they keep the foyer unlocked for pod renters to have access. It’s a cozy little setup. The pod is nice and warm since it is double insulated and the owner has added a little wall heater. I was a bit worried, to be honest. This is Scotland in March, after all.