I don’t post an entry every day.

Even though I don’t post every single day, like a real, disciplined blogger, I’ve decided to start a weekly post letting you know where I’ve been traveling to. Often, one boring layover isn’t substantial enough for its own post, but I do have people ask me where I’m going and what I’m doing. Maybe a week’s worth of activity will justify a post. So here goes-

Travel Week


On Monday night, I ended my workday in Las Vegas. It’s been a few months since I’ve been to this city. I’m constantly reminded of when I lived there with my cousin Mike. We lived out in Henderson, but it was a quick drive to the Vegas strip for work.

Las Vegas is filled with good memories. At that time, I was working at The Monte Carlo as a spa attendant. My short overnight meant that there wasn’t enough time to run around town and make questionable decisions. On this particular stay, I had just enough time to get 8 hours of sleep, an hour to get ready the following day, and a few extra minutes to cross the street to the CVS and buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste.


Celebrity sighting: On my flight from LAS to BNA, I recognized Hunter Hayes! He was such a nice and cool guy. I love it when celebrities aren’t full of themselves!


I was very privileged to work with Rachel. She is a funny girl! I’ve never met anyone who loves country music as much as myself! She lives in Nashville!


On Tuesday night, I found myself in San Antonio, Texas. We stay at the perfect hotel, in the ideal location, but my overnight was just too short to do anything fun. It was pretty much a slam-click kind of night (this is a term that flight attendants to describe those who don’t want to go down and be with their fellow crew members, as in-you slam the door closed and click the lock… one who does this a lot and isn’t social on the overnight is labeled a “slam-clicker”).

Wednesday night was back to DEN, and I enjoyed all of Thursday off. I stayed at the crashpad where I have forced myself into my dear friend Dawn’s family. It’s great having this second family- where her grandsons are being raised to know that I’m an uncle. I’m pushing for “Favorite Uncle” status, but I feel that the kids will have to decide this independently. I will do my best to plant that seed.

ISPOn both Thursday and Friday night, I ended up on Long Island in New York. The first night I found a haircut, and on the second night, I managed to find a pretty good burger for dinner. Also, on the second night, the hotel was hosting a Dr. Who convention. It was hilarious to see all the funky costumes that the attendees were wearing. It was actually more scary than hilarious.

Tonight I want to give a shout out to Suzette. She is the sister of Selena Quintanilla Perez. Yes, THAT Selena! Do you remember the movie Selena starring Jennifer Lopez that came out in 1997? This film tells the true story of Selena as a young girl, her love of life and music, and her rise toward stardom that ended way too soon. It’s a beautiful but tragic look at a life well lived.

Suzette was on my flight from Las Vegas to San Antonio earlier this afternoon. I’m not sure how my coworker Ralph found out, but after I finished up my first beverage service, he pulled me aside in the back galley to tell me who she was. Suzette came to the back and we had a great chat for a few minutes. I was so honored and blessed to sing a few lines and the chorus of Selena’s song, I Could Fall In Love. I didn’t sound anywhere as good as Selena but tried my best. Suzette seemed to like the gesture.

Tonight I’m sitting in my hotel bed in San Antonio, Texas, listening to the Selena soundtrack. I’m pretty sure I’ll drift off very soon. I can definitely feel my body slipping into a deep sleep- I’ve been going nonstop since my alarm went off at 03:15 this morning.

Dreaming Of You Tonight (sung by Selena- chorus only)

‘Cause I’m dreaming of you tonight
‘Til tomorrow I’ll be holding you tight
And there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be
Than here in my room, dreaming about you and me.

A Gal Named Suzy

Tonight I ended up in San Antonio, Texas. This morning I started a three-day trip with a gal named Suzy, one of our newest flight attendants. She commutes out of Phoenix, and when I found this out, I told her that I grew up in Thatcher, Arizona (about three hours southeast of Phoenix). Usually, when I tell people this, the next question is: Where is Thatcher?

Not only does Suzy know where Thatcher is, but she said she’s originally from Snowflake, Arizona (if Thatcher had a twin or sister city, it would no doubt be Snowflake). I told her that I love Snowflake and had many friends from that area. I mentioned that one of my very best friends, Marcus Ellsworth is also from there. Her eyes grew big, and she told me that not only did she know Marcus, but that her family is close with his family.

We start to talk about Thatcher, and she mentions that her older sister Heidi went to Eastern Arizona College (the local community college that I also attended and my dad taught at for years and years). Now my eyes grow big- Heidi used to date my brother Matt. Suzy remembered Matt! Now we’re both laughing and pretty much freaking out on the jump seat.

I love when I discover one of these connections! I’ve heard people say that we’re all connected by six degrees or less, but since I left the state of Arizona, these connections have been so rare that when it happens, I almost get tears in my eyes. Are these occurrences merely happenstance, or do you see the hand of God? I do believe in coincidence- however, I feel that too many things are dismissed as just that- mere coincidence. I’ve always felt like something needs to be shared or learned from each and every person that we interact with in life. What do you think? Mere coincidence or divine intervention?