Scotland 8: Day 6

03.07.20 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 21:29

For breakfast this morning, I returned to Mum’s. I have probably eaten at this restaurant more times over the years, than any other restaurant in Scotland. Not only is it a great location, but they serve delicious comfort food. The first time I visited Mum’s was back when it was called Monster Mash, but they changed to the new name back in 2010.

This afternoon, I took a walk up Calton Hill- this is an easy hike up the hill and offers a breathtaking view of Edinburgh, especially if you can get up there at night.

The guys and I decided to get Indian food for dinner since this is Drew’s favorite. We found a restaurant called Dishoom over on the New Town side. The food was so good (I’ll be back someday), and the service was impeccable!

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