Scotland 8: Day 17

03.18.20 | Oban, Scotland | 22:19

This morning was amazing mixture of at least three seasons. I woke up to rain, then the sun came out for a few moments, and then we actually had some hail!

Ahh Hail!

When I told my host, Steve, that my next destination would be Oban, he offered to give me a ride, since he had to be in Oban anyway.

I was very grateful as this saved me from having to walk the two miles back to the train station. Did I mention the three seasons we were experiencing? Steve and his wife, Sonja, are just the best people! As we parted ways, I told him that he’d more than likely see me again. They own several rental properties, including a castle somewhere near Stirling (no, not Stirling Castle).

Oban is just as wonderful as I remember. I left my bags at the hostel, and did three of my favorite things for lunch: First, I git a proper fish & chips. “Proper”, meaning they serve it to you with vinegar, salt, and on a piece of cardboard. Other places have tried to make the experience more posh, but it’s just not the same.

Fish & Chips

Second, I walked down to The Oban Chocolate Factory and got a cup of hot chocolate. They also do waffles, so I’ll hit then up again soon.

And finally, I got a milkshake at Cuan Mor. Think “Black Tap” in New York City and the scale it down a bit. I figured I’d hit all my must-haves today and reach for something healthier tomorrow. Well, once I have my waffle, that is.

I might as well get all my favorites out of the way, so I can start eating healthy- yeah right!

Scotland 7: Day 16

03.17.20 | Dalmally, Scotland | 19:26

When I checked the weather report last night, it’s threatened to rain all day. When I woke up, however, it was only partly cloudy. I decided to take advantage of the fact and go for a long walk. I think I did about 4 miles in all.

There’s an old road that runs right in front of this Airbnb. It used to be the main road but hasn’t been kept up in years. My host tells me that this road has been around since the 1700s. It was a beautiful, although muddy walk. I managed to make it down to Loch Awe.

Loch Awe

I got back to the place just as the rain was starting. The rest of the day was spent inside, reading, listening to music and podcasts, and packing up for my next stop which happens tomorrow.

Scotland 8: Day 15

03.16.20 | Dalmally, Scotland | 22:03

I’ve been watching the Coronavirus numbers rise from At least I’m going north. Maybe the virus will ignore the north for a few more days. I’ve already adjusted my trip a couple of times, and when though I was supposed to have a go in Europe, I’m now sticking to the U.K. Two more weeks is all I ask! Maybe I’m flirting with danger? On to happier things!

This morning I said goodbye to Dicky and Drew and caught the 10:33 train out of Glasgow. I wanted to spend some more time in the Highlands. Dalmally is one of the towns that I’ve always wanted to see. So here I am, about two miles outside the city.

I’d love to call this land home!

Stay Here!

I found what is referred to as a “glamping pod” on Airbnb, which is another way of saying that they are not going to provide Wi-Fi. Staying in this little pod is somewhat like I imagine it would be to live like a hobbit. It’s a small, intimate setting, miles from the nearest street light. No Wi-Fi is needed, however. Thanks again to my Skyroam. It’s a great setup!

Tonight I have stayed in, listening to the rain hit the roof of my little hobbit hole. It’s quite relaxing, but I am hoping that tomorrow brings at least some sunshine. There is a nearby road and a barn that I would love to explore if possible.