Scotland 7: Day 16

03.17.20 | Dalmally, Scotland | 19:26

When I checked the weather report last night, it’s threatened to rain all day. When I woke up, however, it was only partly cloudy. I decided to take advantage of the fact and go for a long walk. I think I did about 4 miles in all.

There’s an old road that runs right in front of this Airbnb. It used to be the main road but hasn’t been kept up in years. My host tells me that this road has been around since the 1700s. It was a beautiful, although muddy walk. I managed to make it down to Loch Awe.

Loch Awe

I got back to the place just as the rain was starting. The rest of the day was spent inside, reading, listening to music and podcasts, and packing up for my next stop which happens tomorrow.

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