It never fails… I just finished making this year’s birthday video, and I’ve been watching it over and over again, unable to hold back the tears. I’m pretty sure that Heavenly Father has given me the absolute best family and friends! He has filled my life with so many amazing people!

If you’re not familiar, this is my yearly I Scream, You Scream video. It all started 7 years ago (if you know this story, feel free to skip it)- I was stuck at my Baltimore crashpad, as Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on Maryland. I remember wanting to be with friends for my birthday, but that was impossible. I sat there wondering how we could celebrate together, even though we were far apart. I came up with a brilliant plan (if I do say so myself): I asked all my friends, via Facebook, to go out and buy their favorite pint of ice cream, and to take a bite at precisely 21:00 (eastern time). When each of them took a bite, they were told to take a selfie (or have someone take their picture) enjoying the ice cream. Next, they’d send me the picture and I’d turn all the pictures into a slideshow.

So here is this year’s offering. I want to thank those who took part. I hope you know that this means so much to me! I love you guys!

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  1. Happiest of Birthdays Dav!! We had frostys and forgot to take a pic. But we were thinking of you. Have a great year!!
    Lots of Love!
    Mike and Marci Petersen

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