Last night I ended up in Arlington, Virginia.


I didn’t realize that the DCA hotel we stayed at was close to The National Mall in Washington D.C. If I had known, I would have left the hotel earlier and done a little tourism, maybe hit the Smithsonian or something like that. Instead, I tried to sleep in. I think I made it until a little after 07:00.

fullsizeoutput_7358I had an early lunch at an Ethiopian hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Dama, very close to the hotel. They have the best food! The first time I ate there, I went with a flight attendant who was originally from Ethiopia, and she told me that Dama is very authentic. The restaurant is buffet-style, so I don’t even know what was in the dishes that I ate. I do know that they were very different and very delicious! They brought me some flatbread which had a sour taste to it, and the best way I can describe the texture would be to take a bite out of a dryer sheet. Not my favorite surface, but still delicious!


The rest of the morning and early afternoon, I was pretty lazy. The walk to and from the haircut was about 3 miles, round trip. I needed a nap. Regretfully, I was sucked into stupid judge shows and even The Maury Show. It never ceases to amaze- the guests on these shows are such idiots! I’ve only seen a couple episodes in my life, so don’t judge me.

One of my crashpad roommates was actually once on The Maury Show. I haven’t seen the episode, but another roommate told me that he (the roommate who was on the show) was arguing with his girlfriend and was denying that he was the father of her child. He thought this because even though the baby was healthy, the child had been born prematurely. He thought one of his babies could never be premature, and therefore concluded that she had cheated on him with another man. Anyway, the whole story was made up, and the show even gave these actors money for their appearance.

Now I am sitting in the airport in Omaha, Nebraska. When we landed here, they told us that we had an unscheduled aircraft swap. Instead, they gave us a plane that doesn’t fly. At the moment, it’s being fixed. So who knows when we’ll leave or where we’ll end up tonight. It’s anybody’s guess.

Last night’s sleep in Fort Lauderdale was not that best.

At 23:40, the fire alarm went off- for about 20 minutes. I went down to the front desk, and they told me that it was a false alarm and that everything was OK. After that, I really wasn’t able to fall back into a deep sleep, just a little snoozing now and then. Pretty soon, it was 03:30, and my alarm was going off.

We worked three legs, but when we landed, my body had felt as if it had worked about seventeen legs. This is partially due to my lack of sleep last night and partly because we happened to have two medical emergencies on our very first leg. I’m happy to report that both affected passengers walked off the plane when we landed- there’s nothing more I could ask for! Not fun at all, but an essential part of this job that I love.


When we checked into our hotel, I wanted nothing more than to lay down and take a long nap. The only thing that kept me from doing this was because I was long overdue for a haircut. I was starting to look like Wolverine, only without those really excellent blades that extract from my knuckles. I googled where to get a haircut, and even though I just needed something cheap, I ended up at Roosters, a Men’s Grooming Center.

I walked inside and asked the receptionist if they had an opening, and as luck would have it, they did! A girl named Serenity walked me over to her chair, and after telling her what I wanted, she gave me an adorable haircut. She asked me what I would do with my facial hair, and I told her that I would probably trim it up when I got back to my hotel. She said she would fix it up for me.


Suddenly, she leans my chair back and starts to give me the most incredible facial massage. I don’t know what lotions or oils she was putting on me, but it was nothing less than excellent. This thing lasted about 25 minutes too! If you’ve ever had a great massage when you were particularly stressed, you may have been close to tears- this is what I was feeling. I didn’t cry in front of her, but I really wanted to! This was just what I needed for my stressful day! I also kept thinking: I wonder how much this is going to cost me!

After a hot towel treatment, she shaves my sideburns off. This is done the old-fashioned way, with a straight razor and soap. It’s how I imagine this was done in barbershops log ago. I decided to keep my goatee just so I don’t feel totally naked in the face. She places a cold towel on my face to close my pores- without any warning. Woah! That woke me right up!

I found an excellent smokehouse restaurant for dinner called Epic. Get the ribs- they are phenomenal! It was the perfect finish to this roller coaster of a day! I just set my alarm for 04:00. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! I am so blessed!