Scotland 8: Day 4

03.05.20| Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:39

Today I have to confess that I did not have an opportunity to climb up to Arthur’s Seat. I know I promised myself that I would do it every day, but I have a good excuse! You see, I had to check out of that first Airbnb by 10:00 and couldn’t check in to the new one until 14:00. So I had my colossal duffel bag/ backpack with me. Maybe that’s a trek that a Navy Seal could accomplish, but not this guy.

One thing I did do is have lunch at Oink with Orie. Picture a dead pig in a restaurant window, slowly being carved away until it’s completely consumed. If you recall, I’ve been here a few times over the years. P.E.T.A. would have a fit.

Two of my Canadian friends decided to join me for a few days, then we’ll part ways, only to return and travel together once more. We checked into the new place, and I have to say- I like the old apartment better. Also, the other place was tons cheaper. Nevertheless, this place is beautiful too.

[Update: Book this Airbnb]

It dawned on me that I am wearing out the one pair of shoes that I brought with me on this trip. I decided to do some shopping to find some more excellent shoes to wear when I go out at night or church. I won’t tweak you how much I ended up spending, but I will let you know that I love them!

Tonight we grabbed a quick dinner and went to see The Lion King at The Edinburgh Playhouse. This is where I saw Matilda last year.

This was a blast! I remembered years ago- I was on a layover in Philadelphia, and a coworker and I managed to score last-minute tickets to the same show! It was a great experience then and again tonight.

I’m off to bed!

Scotland 8: Day 3

03.04.20 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:26

My second trek up Arthur’s Seat was a success. Orie, a guy I met in a hostel a few year ago, decided to join me. Yesterday was somewhat of a struggle, I had to stop several times on the way up. Today was slightly more comfortable- possible because someone was there to distract me.

I’m trying not to make this blog about my sleeping habits, but this is something with which I have been dealing. After getting a fish & chips for lunch, I went back to the house and crashed pretty hard.

I had a profound dream where I was back in the New Horizons show choir. This is the choir that I performed during my years at Utah State University.

The dream: I was with all my old classmates, and we were on a choir tour somewhere in Wyoming. It was time to fly back to Utah, and I didn’t realize that we were supposed to fly in our uniform. I was stressed out because I was the only one not in my blue sequins. Also, I started to cry because the choir director forgot my plane ticket.

When I woke from this dream, I had actual tears going down my face. I started laughing because, as reality came back, I realized how are odd this was.

For my dinner, I went to Wetherspoon and had bangers and mash- another popular dish here in the United Kingdom.