Scotland 8: Day 3

03.04.20 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 22:26

My second trek up Arthur’s Seat was a success. Orie, a guy I met in a hostel a few year ago, decided to join me. Yesterday was somewhat of a struggle, I had to stop several times on the way up. Today was slightly more comfortable- possible because someone was there to distract me.

I’m trying not to make this blog about my sleeping habits, but this is something with which I have been dealing. After getting a fish & chips for lunch, I went back to the house and crashed pretty hard.

I had a profound dream where I was back in the New Horizons show choir. This is the choir that I performed during my years at Utah State University.

The dream: I was with all my old classmates, and we were on a choir tour somewhere in Wyoming. It was time to fly back to Utah, and I didn’t realize that we were supposed to fly in our uniform. I was stressed out because I was the only one not in my blue sequins. Also, I started to cry because the choir director forgot my plane ticket.

When I woke from this dream, I had actual tears going down my face. I started laughing because, as reality came back, I realized how are odd this was.

For my dinner, I went to Wetherspoon and had bangers and mash- another popular dish here in the United Kingdom.

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