Three Letters To My U.S. Passports

Dear First Passport,

I wish I had a picture of you to include in this letter. You’re in a drawer or a box somewhere, but when I come across you, I will be sure to scan you and update this entry. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for having been a wonderful part of my life. You first came to me back in 2007, when one of my best friends, Marcus, and I auditioned, and were ultimately selected to spend an autumn and winter in Taiwan, singing and entertaining tourists at an American-themed amusement park.

I remember the park directors coming to Eastern Arizona College to hold the auditions and asking us if we knew how to rollerblade (for you see, roller-blading Santa Clauses were all the rage in Taiwan back then, and that was part of the gig). I answered, ‘Yes’, but at the time I had never even put on a pair of rollerblades. It’s true I lied, but it got me the job (well, that and all my other awesome talents). How hard can roller-blading be? I remember being sad when I learned that the amusement park had gone bankrupt and this particular adventure was canceled. I now had you, my first passport. At that time, however, I had no place to go.

The first time I actually got to use you was after I’d moved up to Logan, Utah and was attending classes at Utah State University. This was the trip when my roommates James (a family member and another bestie), Paul, and Matt got together with our neighbors, Christy (Paul’s sister) and Marie and drove up to go camping at Banff National Park in Canada. I was disappointed that the Canadian border patrol didn’t stamp you. This trip, however, gave me a taste for the beautiful north and left me hungry, wanting more.

James had told me how awesome his trip Germany had been and then I got to meet Stefan, a boy from Germany who had once lived with James’ family as part of a foreign exchange student program. Stefan was so kind and told us we should plan a visit to visit his home. One night I was surfing the net, and what started out as simply checking how much it would cost to fly to western Europe, suddenly turned into purchasing two non-refundable, roundtrip tickets from Los Angeles to Paris.

That was an amazing adventure (and another excuse to use you, my first passport). As you no doubt remember, our roommate Jason joined us for that incredible trip! By this point, the love of travel was fast becoming part of my D.N.A. That seed had been planted and I desperately hoped to nourish it.

I used you when another James (a.k.a Zuka), Dave, Dave’s friend Jessica and another roommate, Jeremy, went on a road trip to see Dave’s parents’ who were serving as LDS mission presidents in Monterrey, Mexico. This was yet another trip where you weren’t stamped. If border patrol agents would only stamp you, this world would be a happier place!

I used you, yet again when I went with some dear friends to the United Kingdom in 2002. This was the trip with my dear friends’ James (Zuka), Julie, Colee, Dave, Dominoe and Makaylee. We spend just over a week visiting this land of some of my [and some of their] forefathers. Finally, another stamp! A few years later, you would be well used when I’d become a flight attendant. Even though at the time, the airline was only domestic flights, you came in quite handy for all of those T.S.A. lines and security checks.

I miss you and hope you show up one of these days! I am blessed that you helped me to discover this love I now possess.

Love, Dav

Dear Second Passport,

I apologize that you got so worn out! A few of your security features had even started to fade, resulting in additional questioning- but wow! We’ve had a blast! You have taken me back to the United Kingdom on a few different vacation trips, in and out of Iceland, you’ve allowed me to spend two amazing weeks in Ireland, in and out of Mexico and Canada a few times, all over the United States and even let me spend five weeks exploring some of western and southern Australia, in part to visit my dear friends, Arron and Brendan! I already had this growing love of travel, but with you, I really learned how to travel. I’m grateful to have known you!

Love, Dav


Dear Third Passport,

Since you just arrived in my mailbox this past week, I really haven’t gotten to know you yet, but am looking forward to the opportunity. Now, If you’ll go over and take a look at my bucket list, you’ll agree that this is going to be a blast! I look forward to using you at the end of this month on our first adventure together! I even had them add extra pages to you!

Love, Dav


Today is a crashpad day. Aft working for six days in a row, the F.A.A. requires a flight attendant to take at least 24 hours off. I have, however, just finished working eight days in a row. This is possible because after getting back early on the sixth day, there was a 24-hour break, and then I started a P.M. trip on day number seven. This means that today’s plan is to hang out here, not cheat on my Herbalife diet, pick up one of my roommates at the airport, and hopefully get some cardio in. I have yet to emerge from the warm basement this morning. Also, it’s time to talk about a few items on the bucket list.

  1. I feel like I have been neglecting my neighbor to the north. Coming in at number 12 on the bucket list is to visit every province in Canada. So far, my exposure to Canada has been a couple of visits to the north side of Niagara Falls and a camping/road trip with friends up to Banff National Park and Calgary. I know that Canada has so much to offer too. I’m not sure when this trip will happen, but it needs to happen nonetheless.
  2. Speaking of Canada, number 38 on the list would be to stay at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. This is a fantastic hotel in a fantastic setting. I visited the lake on the trip as mentioned above, but we didn’t stay there. The hotel looks so wonderful!
  3. Number 23 on my list is to go on a cruise. The closest I’ve come to a cruise is an overnight ferry crossing from Aberdeen, Scotland, up to Shetland in 2011. This was a 12 hour overnight passage (if my memory is working), and even though there was a dining room, bar, and cinema, it didn’t have all the thrills of an actual cruise. I have never been on a cruise because I think the person or people I go with are going to be what makes the trip for me, not so much the cruise itself. There’d better be karaoke!
  4. Have you heard about the most expensive coffee in the world? It’ll cost you somewhere around $50 for a single cup. It’s brewed from coffee beans that are fed to elephants. The un-chewed beans that pass through Dumbo are pooped out and collected. Then they brew those beans. You may think drinking this overpriced crap-coffee is on my bucket list- not so! If you know me, you know that I don’t drink coffee, but I do LOVE the smell of coffee! Number 35 on the bucket list is to ride on an elephant (the poop/coffee talk was just to throw you off the scent).