Hawaii 2020: Day 4

02.23.20 | Princeville, Hawaii | 21:52

In Front of the Church

Today turned out to be another spectacular day! Since it was Sunday, we all went and caught a church service in Kapaa. It felt so good to be with the family at church. Afterward, some of us drove to the west side of the island to see Waimea State Park. The first part was like a mini Grand Canyon. The second part was a beautiful hike through a very green area. It was lovely to look off and see the beautiful mountain and coastline!


When we got home, we all sat down and had some chicken pot pie for dinner. As we were chatting afterward, my family got to sharing memories all about me growing up, mostly in Arizona, and then they presented me with a hanging quilt.

The quilt is fantastic! Each of my siblings added a picture of something that reminds them of me. One was musical notes because I loved singing, another was a picture of my favorite dog growing up, and there were various other squares on this quilt that means a lot to me!

I’m not sure the reason they decided to make this gift to me, however. It’s not my birthday or anything like that. It was just a simple gift to show me that they love me.

I felt this was so wonderful because I occasionally feel somewhat separated from my siblings. I was born five years after my brother, and so by the time I was in my teenage years, they were off doing their own thing. Sometimes I feel so detached from them, especially when I was growing up.

I do have to say that this was very unexpected and very appreciated. Perhaps someday, in the future, I will post a picture of this quilt.
I sure do love my family!

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