Scotland 6: Day 6

03.04.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 16:27

It is a gloriously Sunday morning in Scotland! I was, once again, up later because of various parties in the vicinity. At least I had a quiet roommate- I can’t complain about that. I also may have lost sleep because the pillows here aren’t very comfortable. I woke up at about 09:30 and got a quick shower before I was off to church. It was a longer distance than I wanted to walk in the snow, so I got an Uber- I arrived right on time.

Google maps told me that the walk back to Old Town would take me about 40 minutes, but I did it in only about 25. Even though it had snowed some more, and I trudged through so much slush, it felt good to be outside. 

I got lunch at a barbecue restaurant called Bubba-Q. This is the ultimate name for a restaurant! I’m just disappointed that they thought of it before I could. The restaurant was an American-West theme, including license plates from all or most of the states.

I ordered some kind of sampler platter, and I had no right doing that. I didn’t realize that this meant there would be about seven dead animals on the plate in front of me. The meat was really delicious, but their sauce wasn’t really smoky at all. It was a lot closer to ketchup than a good barbecue sauce.

I wasn’t able to finish all this meat! Sadly I didn’t have the stomach to enjoy any of the side dishes. Some students were eating at a table nearby, and when they saw the amount of food on my plate, I saw eyes wide and jaws drop. Then when I spoke, and they realized I was from America, one of them said, “Oh, you’re an American”- as if that’s all the explanation they needed. I’m so thankful that I have been chosen to represent an entire nation!

This afternoon is my laundry time. It amazes me that this hostel can house 100+ people, and they only have two washers and two dryers for us to use. I’d gone to a local pay-laundromat in the past, but it’s no longer in existence. So, on this Sabbath afternoon, I will practice my God-given patience and wait for my turn to wash my clothes.

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