Scotland 6: Day 5

03.03.18 | Edinburgh, Scotland | 23:12

I didn’t get very much sleep last night. I could hear the music and a very loud party from a nearby pub. I think it’s the Irish pub just around the corner and up Victoria Street. It was Friday night, however, so I don’t blame anyone. I may experience the same thing again tonight. At least tonight, I’ll have my earplugs ready.

Jonny was out the door by about 03:30. I had planned on walking with him to the bus stop, but when I stood up and started to get ready, he told me that I didn’t need to. I tried to explain the directions as best I could and sent him off, hoping he wouldn’t get lost. He texted me a few hours later, just after he landed in Milan, Italy, so I know he made it safe.

Lunch was at Pret A Manger. I believe I’ve mentioned the restaurant before. It’s a soup/ sandwich shop where they make it all fresh daily. They put the food out on a shelf, and you grab whatever you want. They believe in trying to get local produce, and since it’s all made fresh daily, I’ve heard they even give the leftovers to food kitchens, not sure if that last part is true, but that would be cool!

I was bound and determined to get some exercise today. I made myself walk from the top of The Royal Mile to Holyrood at the bottom, and then I later walked over to New Town. In my exploring, I found a marketplace that used to be a church and ran into a photographer whose picture I have hanging on my wall at home in Utah (see story).

I told him that I was the guy who contacted him from Utah and reminded him that I had his image hanging in my home. He seemed delighted to shake my hand. I promised him that if I had the funds, I would be purchasing another one of his prints when I come back through Edinburgh and before I head home to the states.

Tonight was Italian food for dinner. I’ve eaten at Bella Italia many times over the years because they’re always so good! I ate some bruschetta and some gnocchi.

I just met my new roommate, a guy called Gohan. He is French and pronounces his name more like “jew-on”… only “Frenchier” than that. He told me that he was from about an hour south of Paris and is on a break from University. He is hoping to get a job here at the hostel. He has big plans to get a flat somewhere. He then asked me to go with him to help him open a bank account. I told him I don’t know anything about opening a bank account in the United Kingdom. Still, he told me the reason he wanted to take me was that he could understand me. When he spoke with the Scottish bank representative, he couldn’t understand the thick accent.

I told him that this probably wouldn’t be possible because it’s already late on Saturday night and I’d be leaving early on Monday morning. Plus, knowing me, I would probably accidentally co-sign for something, like possibly that new flat he wants to rent. No thanks.

I hope I can find somewhere to karaoke tonight. That would be fun! Y’all remember I like to sing, right?

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